Winners of NABC Practice Tournament 1

This weekend, June 29-30, ACBL BBOers were invited to play a free 2-day NABC Practice Tournament to get a feeling of what the upcoming ACBL NABC Robot Individual (July 13-15) would be like.

The Practice Tournament closely mimicked the actual NABC event and displayed what we call “mock masterpoints” in the final leaderboard, to show players how much they would have won, had this been the real NABC Robot Individual.

1,472 players of the 2,165 registrants “scratched” at least a fraction of a masterpoint at the end of the tournament. So don’t be intimidated. Even if the “honor roll” features scores like 75+% in reality you just need a decent session, in at least one of the daily sessions, to win some red/gold points.


  • 2,165 ACBL BBOers registered to play.
  • ACBL NABC Practice Tournament 1 – Day 1 winner is dcavalier (Drew Cavalier). Day 1 results here.
  • ACBL NABC Practice Tournament 1 – Day 2 winner is TDevine (Tom Devine). Day 2 results here.
  • And finally, overall winner of the first NABC Practice Tournament is 78jayhawk, with a score of 75.92%. TDevine got second place, with 74.26%, and Upstate won 3rd place, with 72.97%. Overall results here.

Each of the players below won a free entry to the ACBL NABC Robot Individual (July 13-16). Well done!

  • dcavalier (Practice 1 – Day 1 winner)
  • TDevine (Practice 1 – Day 2 winner)
  • 78jayhawk and Upstate (Overall winner and 3rd place winner). TDevine was 2nd overall, but he already got his free entry, so the prize went to runner-up Upstate.

NABC Practice Tournament 2 will take place July 6-7 (Sat-Sun). Keep an eye on the Newsfeed for updates, or click this link to sign up for NABC Updates and we’ll send you updates and reminders by email.