August 2: Beer Day Contest!

Please mark your calendars and make a mental note to celebrate properly: August 2nd is the International Beer Day  

We’ll follow suit here on BBO with a Beer Card Contest – obviously!

On Friday, August 2nd, we’ll reward the best “beers” scored on BBO. If you don’t know what this means, please read here about the beer card and see a quick example in the video below. Submit your beers in the comment box at the bottom of this article, and the most interesting entries will win BB$ prizes!


• BB$5: Best beer as chosen by BBO, based on prettiness of play, difficulty, originality.
• BB$3: Best comment associated with a beer hand entry.
• BB$1: Consolation prize.

Conditions of Contest

– Submit hands where you beered, either in defense or as declarer, in the comment box below
– The hands must be from a BBO tournament, team match or club game with random deals (not prepared deals, not teaching table deals) 
– The hands must be played on Friday, August 2nd. If the hands are from a daylong, please wait until Saturday, August 3rd to post them. Do not show deals from daylongs in progress, other people may still be playing them.
– Submit the handviewer URL or the link to hand from myhands, along with an explanation of where the hand was played so we can retrieve it in your hand records
– You are welcome to leave a comment, either to tell the story of your beer, or to commentate on someone else’s entry
– Contest ends on Saturday, August 3rd, at 23.59 US Eastern Time. 
– Click here for a brief video showing how to get the link to a hand.
– You can also find your hand records in myhands database
– Have fun beering!

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