Winners: Super Sunday Daylong

BBO’s Free Super Sunday Daylong gathered an impressive 24,000 registrations – WOW! On the downside, many players did not realize that “Sunday Daylong” means it’s played on Sunday, and failed to show up to play their boards.

We’ll persevere and offer another Sunday Daylong this week, and hopefully more players will show up to spend some time on Sunday in the BBO family, in BBO’s largest Daylong.

Sunday, October 13 Super Sunday Daylong winners are: vvallo with an impressive 82.51%, danmo right behind him at 80.31% and burbar in third place with a 79.15% score.

As promised there were extra prizes too, so here are the skilled / lucky winners of this Sunday. We gave some additional prizes for ties for places 100 and 1,000, but for 10,000th place we flipped a lucky coin and selected just one winner (there were too many tied scores).

Well done everyone and we hope you had fun!

1vvallo10 BB$
2danmo 5 BB$
3burbar 5 BB$
4Mind52 5 BB$
5mmx5 5 BB$
6zlem111 5 BB$
7A_zrae_L 5 BB$
8charlie702 5 BB$
9-1067jacek 5 BB$
9-10erikgj 5 BB$
100shoshi9798 5 BB$
100nuriham 5 BB$
1,000arun majhi 5 BB$
1,000cemalgok 5 BB$
1,000 hoque999 5 BB$
1,000 VORTAB 5 BB$
1,000 william h 5 BB$
10,000pepperan 5 BB$

On Sunday, October 13, we’ll celebrate the BBO community with a free, fun, massive BBOer get together. The Free Super Sunday Daylong is here.

What’s new?

  • You can register any time during the week, Monday to Sunday;
  • Play starts on Sunday;
  • The tournament can be played any time on Sunday, for 24 hours, similar to the other daylongs.


  • 10 BBO dollars for 1st place
  • 5 BBO dollars for places 2 through 10
  • 5 BBO dollars for places 100, 1000, 10,000 and 20,000

You can sign up any time during the week, Monday to Sunday. Just remember to log in on Sunday to play it out.

Click COMPETITIVE, then Free Tournaments and join us for the biggest daylong of the week. 12 boards, Matchpoints, open to all, no limits. Sign up any day through the week, come play it out on Sunday.

Super Sunday Daylong


    1. i have only played 2boards no others showing my first time when are the next ones thanks in advance

  1. well I think for those of us excluded because it shuts the table down :error table closing”.. We should each get a $10 consolidation prize. 😉

  2. OMG, you’d think that people, who claim to be able to play bridge, would understand what “SUNDAY Daylong” means. Judging by the comments that’s not the case. No wonder the standard of play on BBO is what it is.

  3. I think that those who don’t register on Sunday are not allowed oplay I registers on Monday but not allowed to play

  4. FREE super SANDAY tournament Test, but the error occurred when logged in to the page he does not exit as an otomotik

  5. This may be the most unintentionally funny comment thread in the history of BBO. Good grief, people, what part of “Sunday” don’t you understand?….

  6. sorry, i must back out from play. due to unforeseen situation, ie october 15, 2019 tax day, I must spend crappy time with bookkeeper and tax person. please accept my sincere regrets. dan (ak109)

  7. I registered during the week and even got a message reminding me to play the tournament today but it’s not happening ! Keeps closing and telling me there is a table error 😟

  8. For future reference: I suggest that those who try to register on the wrong day receive a clear message that asks them to come back on Sunday. This should be easy to program.

  9. There must be something wrong with my board. I played 4 hearts with 10 tricks and the score says 4 hearts -1. 🙁

  10. I was signed up with a partner for the 2pm Aurora free game.
    It started and I was not notified.
    I could not find where the tournament was playing.
    I missed the entire thing.
    What a Bummer!!!!
    I did. send repeated emails to BBo. No responses.
    Not a pleasant experience.

  11. Sunday central daylight time…. I played 2 games, 1 in the am and 1 early afternoon and then returned mid afternoon to play a third and no spot to play. Did I misunderstand the rules, thought there was no limit on games to play.
    Sunday central daylight time…. I played 2 games, 1 in the am and 1 early afternoon and then returned mid afternoon to play a third and no spot to play. Did I misunderstand the rules, thought there was no limit on games to play.

  12. I tried to play Sunday morning only to find that it was not yet Sunday in North America …. After that I went to work and I was exhausted by the time I got back and slept in Monday morning, which would have been Sunday evening in North America. At least it was my last shift on that job so maybe next time my work will be more conducive to letting me play.

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