Introducing BBO Prime

We are really happy to introduce our new feature: BBO Prime!

BBO Prime is a monthly subscription offering access to a private bridge club only for nice, friendly people, daily and weekly bridge articles and – the most visible “clue” of all – a pretty purple badge in profile.

Best social play experience on BBO

BBO Prime comes with its own new private club: the BBO Prime Club is a pleasant place to play social and casual bridge with nice people.

Daily and weekly bridge articles

Explore the Exclusive Bridge Articles to read more about bridge history, anecdotes, hand analysis and the latest happenings in the world of bridge.

Wear a cool badge in profile

BBO Prime members will be marked with a pretty purple badge in profile:

To launch the new BBO Prime Club and the BBO Prime membership, all BBOers with a record of being friendly towards other players have received one month of free access to the BBO Prime Club. More exactly, players who were marked as friends by lots of fellow BBOers were awarded free access.

No badge for you? Don’t be sad, it just means our heartless cold server did not have enough data to measure your friendliness. You can always take the free 30 day trial to give it a go if you’re more of a shy person or the robots did not add you to their friends list.

Curious? Click “BBO Prime” to start exploring, or just click here to find out more.


  1. I’m told I have the Prime badge against my name. Since I’m one of the holdouts still using the old Windows client, I doubt I can access any of the features, and I certainly never signed up for any trial!

    1. Hi Brian,

      You are not signed up for any trial and you will not be charged. Some BBOers who have a lot of friends have received this badge for free, as a thank you from BBO. There is no need to do anything about that badge, it will simply go away after a month if you are not interested in the new club and membership.

    1. Not yet. We’ll upgrade the apps next week, if all goes well, and then Prime will be available there as well. Meanwhile if you access the web version from it will work on mobile devices (and have all the latest features).

  2. Bonjour tous,
    Je n’ai pas très bien compris l’offre sympathique que me fait BBO.
    Est-ce que la gratuité d’accès à “Prime” est de 30 jours ou bien étant sélectionné par vos soins, cette gratuité est-elle définitive ?
    Merci de m’éclairer à ce sujet 🙂
    Recevez toute mon amitié et mes remerciements pour ce super site de bridge qu’est BBO.
    Spirou 2

  3. What I worry about is players living in poorer countries for whom $5 is a lot of money. Are they then stuck in a main room that will have more rude players shouting obscenities and bidding 7nt out of spite and flitting from table to table looking for good hands?

  4. Perhaps I am wrong.., but I don’t see the point really. We all run a “Friends/Enemies” list I suppose.
    Who is the judge of who is good or bad? Wolves in sheepskin? “One can’t tell a book by it’s cover”.
    Besides, it feels like buying respect!:).
    BBO offers so much fun for sooo many! TY!!!

  5. Ben her hangi bşr kayıt yapmadım sadece bilmek istiyorum neden bu siteyi paralı yaptınız.. bu arada beni üyelik yaptuysanız lütfen üyelikten silerseniz sevinirim nedeni tam olarak bilmediğmdedir sayğılarımla.

  6. Ben her hangi bşr kayıt yapmadım sadece bilmek istiyorum neden bu siteyi paralı yaptınız.. bu arada beni üyelik yaptuysanız lütfen üyelikten silerseniz sevinirim nedeni tam olarak bilmediğmdedir sayğılarımla.

  7. Wozu soll das gut sein? Für priviligierte?! Ich entscheide immer, ob neutral oder befreundet. Was ist, wenn ich mit einer ‘priviligierten Person spielen möchte?
    Ich wünsche dem VIP-Club viel Vergnügen. Vielleicht ist das ja eine Vorstufe, um demnächst grundsätzlich Beitrag zahlen zu müssen.

  8. Il semble que malgré ma présence quotidienne sur bbo depuis plus de 12 ans et les nombreuses ‘connaissances” ainsi établies, me profil ne soit pas suffisamment interessant pour être élue ‘prime’

  9. Thanks to BBO for all the pleasure I’ve had belonging to BBO and the Prime which I’m trying to learn about. Appreciate the work by paid and volunteers for all they do.

  10. This just seems lame to me. BBO, these days, is almost impossible to play on, because of rude players. There are many things BBO could do about this. As a simple example: When a player clicks off in the middle of a hand, BBO could make them unable to join another table for 2 minutes. Or, you could write a little program that looks for spurious 7N bids, and suspends the players. But BBO does nothing (except introducing BBO prime . . . ).

    1. In this upgrade BBO also introduced a Report abuse button in each player’s profile to allow us to do exactly what you are describing.

  11. Do you mean that players who click off and are reported as doing this will be suspended from joining another table? Will this be automatic, or will it be on a case by case basis? Will the player be informed that he/she cannot join another table, because of clicking off? I have reported abuse to BBO on numerous occasions in the past, and nothing ever happened… If you make it so that something DOES happen, it would be an enormous improvement on this site, in my opinion. This 2-minute rule, for example, would, I predict, eliminate most of “clicking off”…

    1. For the moment since the “report abuse” button is new, we’re collecting information (who is reported, how many times, for what), but the plan is to add some automatic filters and suspend or block repeat offenders automatically if they get reported by lots of different people. This would clean up bad behaviour and help deal with the worst offenders almost instantly.

      1. I’m so pleased to see BBO addressing with this problem! But I wish I had your confidence. What will prevent the rude people from rejoining BBO, with a different username? The “2-minute rule”, by the way, should not severely penalize those who merely lose connection, since it normally takes a couple of minutes to get back on anyway.

  12. I have played on BBO years ago and have just come back. When I first started it was fun and I met very nice people my age and have much in common. In so much that we started meeting in each other’s home town once a year for a weekend and play bridge and tour the sites. Friendship was key!!!! In that time we have visited 5 different states. Since I have come back to BBO I would say it has really changed and not to my liking. People are tooooo competitive. Those people should stay in tournaments and let the rest of us ENJOY and play friendly bridge. Thank you for your time

  13. Was board completion rate factored into the equation? Usually it’s the considerate people who stick around to complete the board rather than running when they get into a bad contract. Just a thought. Thanks!

  14. It is a very good action to play BRIDGE in the qualified community, It is highly appreciated,
    I hope we will join soon,
    Best regards,

  15. I’d like to continue playing the old bridge – will this be possible. I still have money in my old BBO – will that be turned over into the new BBO??

  16. Seems 90% of people have this “purple symbol” next to their name……so any “specialness” get lost in the sea of purple. If I qualify for it…..pls allow me to “opt out” as I see no benefit in having that symbol next to my name..!!

  17. BBO Prime complicates a simple idea.Good player can navigate to their friends and do.Insults or abuse does not bother me its unavoidable we live in the real world,simple to ignore,So BBO PRIME is a business plan made by very stupid people who think they are clever, probably for some kind of self aggrandisement look how the NHS has been mucked up by very stupid people who think they are clever,and are unable to leave alone maybe for career moves,left alone the 1945 model would have evolved beautifully, and kept simple.I think simple is best in most cases.
    Do you think after this, BBO wont be further so called improved, probably killed at least in its present ethos.

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