Introducing BBO Prime

We are really happy to introduce our new feature: BBO Prime!

BBO Prime is a monthly subscription offering access to a private bridge club only for nice, friendly people, daily and weekly bridge articles and – the most visible “clue” of all – a pretty purple badge in profile.

Best social play experience on BBO

BBO Prime comes with its own new private club: the BBO Prime Club is a pleasant place to play social and casual bridge with nice people.

Daily and weekly bridge articles

Explore the Exclusive Bridge Articles to read more about bridge history, anecdotes, hand analysis and the latest happenings in the world of bridge.

Wear a cool badge in profile

BBO Prime members will be marked with a pretty purple badge in profile:

To launch the new BBO Prime Club and the BBO Prime membership, all BBOers with a record of being friendly towards other players have received one month of free access to the BBO Prime Club. More exactly, players who were marked as friends by lots of fellow BBOers were awarded free access.

No badge for you? Don’t be sad, it just means our heartless cold server did not have enough data to measure your friendliness. You can always take the free 30 day trial to give it a go if you’re more of a shy person or the robots did not add you to their friends list.

Curious? Click “BBO Prime” to start exploring, or just click here to find out more.