Today’s Free Bridge Downloads for Beginners

Everyone loves free stuff – and free bridge stuff is so much better. If you’re looking for some fascinating print-outs, e-books and resources about the game, here are some great free bridge downloads from all over the internet – many of which focus on beginning bridge and concepts for newcomers in case you’re learning (or introducing someone else to the game for the first time).

Free Material from Beginning Bridge

(Source: Ebooks Bridge)

Beginning Bridge by Barbara Seagram and Linda Lee is another great introductory text for any beginner finding their way around the game. Free material from the book is available from Ebooks Bridge – and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll find more free material from other books like “25 Steps for Learning 2/1” and “Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand.”

Beginner Bridge Lessons

(Source: Princeton)

Beginner Bridge Lessons is downloadable from the Princeton website. It’s a short little read at only 35 pages, but this guide by James Sundstrom gives beginners everything they should know. All the information of books 300 pages and more has been crammed into a little guide that anyone can read through in half an hour – and they’ll know the very basics of a game by the end of it.

Printable Bridge Glossary

(Download: No Fear Bridge)

Confused or baffled by any bridge terms as a newer player? Here’s a great printable glossary of bridge terms that’ll make sure you know your way around table terms.  As for improving the rest of your game, you can find many more free resources on No Fear Bridge available for download or free reading online.

Relevant Probabilities for Bridge Players

(Download: Bridgewebs)

Probability is a fascinating sub-topic often encountered in board and card games – and there are few resources out there that delve deep enough into probabilities in bridge. From Bridgewebs, here’s a really useful read called Relevant Probabilities for Bridge Players that explains it in plain terms.

A Handbook of Whist

(Download: Survivor Library)

A Handbook of Whist was first published in 1885, and could be called one of the defining texts of the game today. The good news is that the copyright on the book has officially lapsed, making copies of the book legally downloadable. A scanned version is available at Survivor Library for anyone who feels like going right back to the game’s roots.

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge

(Download: World Bridge Federation)

Every player should have a copy of The Laws of Duplicate Bridge close-by. Here’s the updated version available in PDF format from the World Bridge Federation. 

Mini-Bridge Booklet

(Download: European Bridge League)

Mini-Bridge (yes, sometimes alternatively just spelled Minibridge) is a quicker, more fast-paced version of the game with slightly different scoring rules. It’s great for a quick game, and it’s especially great for introducing kids and entirely new players to how the basics of the game works. Rules can be found in a handy booklet by the European Bridge League.

Wikibooks Bridge

(Download: Wikibooks)

Wikibooks functions a lot like a free version of For Dummies for the internet. You can find either downloadable PDF booklets or individual lessons on a variety of different topics, including on bridge at the link above. Again, it’s a great accessible research for introducing new players.

Elementary School Bridge Lesson Plan

(Download: ACBL)

If you’re an elementary school teacher who would like to introduce bridge to the classroom, here’s an official Lesson Plan from the ACBL together with exercises (called Funwork) at the end of every lesson.

Karen’s Bridge Library

(Read: KW Bridge)

Karen Walker’s Bridge Library is an almost-unending resource of useful bridge lessons, with lessons for beginners and more advanced players split up so that you can take your game further once you’re done with the groundwork.  (You’ll also find links to some great bridge books for sale, software available for download – and you can purchase Bridge for Beginners & Beyond as an option too.)

Bridge in a Hurry


Need to learn bridge in a hurry? Another great resource for introducing newer players to the game, this appropriately-named guide can any new bridge player through the most essential basics in a format that won’t terrify newcomers.