Sunday: Forget Me Not Tournament

Forget Me Not Day is an unofficial holiday that encourages people to try and reconnect with all those they may not be in touch with anymore.

We want you to remember BBO is your friend and we wish to make unforgettable the moments you spend on BBO.

How to Celebrate?
  • Try and contact your long lost friends on social media websites and get talking with them.
  • Send them a note saying that even though you haven’t been in touch you still miss them and care about them.
  • Send forget-me-not flowers to your loved ones as a way to tell them how much they mean to you.
  • And last, but not least, spend some time with your BBO friends playing the tournaments you love most.

Sunday, November 10 at 2PM US Eastern Time (8PM Central European Time).

Click COMPETITIVE, then Free Tournaments and search for the Forget Me Not Tournament, or for yellow host Aurora.

Who can play?
All BBOers are welcome.


  1. I have looked for the ‘forget me not’ tournament-but it doesn’t appear on my list of free tourneys. I would have liked to partake.

  2. Tournament #2446 hosted by Aurora. For those who use web version the tournament will be visible 2 hours before the start. 🙂

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