Twitter Accounts to Follow

Still finding your way around Twitter? It can be a great resource for keeping up with news – and there are plenty of bridge-related Twitter accounts that can keep any fan  of the game occupied and updated. Here are some of the essential Twitter accounts that all bridge players should be adding to their list.


Here’s the  official Twitter web home of the American Contract Bridge League, where you’ll find updates posted on new tournaments and news from within bridge.

English Bridge Union

The English Bridge Union (EBU) is one of the leading organizations representing bridge – and their Twitter account updating the  bridge world about games and more can be found at the above handle.

Bridge Base Online

Here’s the official Twitter account handle for everything Bridge Base Online. It’s used mostly for emergency updates.

Great Bridge Links

Great Bridge Links is one of the top bridge resources out there, with fascinating articles on bridge, where to go for lessons, everything about bridge technology – and even practical tips to improve your game or the latest tournament coverage. Here’s their official Twitter account, where you can find out what’s new.

Bridge Winners

BridgeWinners is one of the leading bridge blogging websites out there. Go here for regular featured columns, the best in bridge puzzles and up-to-date news from what’s happening today. Many previous games are also analysed and discussed here, and there’s always  a hot topic discussion to read about.


BridgeWebs helps to offer website hosting for bridge clubs and other interests, and the official Twitter account to catch any updates and news can be found at the above handle.


Bridgepedia posts occasional lessons, and still remains a great resource for any more information you might want to know about the game.

Play Better Bridge

Play Better Bridge is the successful series and website hosted by Donna Compton: At the relevant Twitter account, you’ll find everything from links to bridge software through to free lesson resources for beginners and advanced players – all designed to make sure you can play better bridge!

Aces & Knaves

Aces & Knaves is one of the most fascinating documentaries on bridge ever made. Here’s the official Twitter account where you can find all the essential links for what  it’s about, what viewers have thought so far and why you should watch it.

The Sociology of Bridge

Thanks to Professor Samantha Punch and the University of Stirling, the Sociology of Bridge (and the Keep Bridge Alive Campaign) delves into the future of bridge and looks to reveal more about the people who play it. Watch the official Twitter account for any announcements, calls for participants and new information.

The Kids’ Table

Another great bridge documentary, The Kids’ Table takes a look at four kids – who have never met or played before – thrown into the same bridge team to see how they do. Both fascinating and inspiring.

IMP Bridge Magazine

IMP Bridge Magazine is the official magazine companion for the Netherlands and surrounding areas. If you already know your way around Dutch, here’s a great one to add to your reading list (and if you don’t already  speak it, a run-through Google Translate proves to be reliable enough to understand the gist).


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