Winners of NABC Practice Tournament #2

5,307 ACBL BBOers registered this weekend for the largest NABC Practice event ever!

In a couple of days (around November 19 or 20) we will be issuing actual ACBL Masterpoints for the participants in the final free NABC Practice Tournament (Nov 16-17). The game will issue masterpoints like the usual ACBL Daylongs. When the real points will be awarded, the leaderboard with the “mock masterpoints” will change to the actual ACBL Daylong masterpoint formula leaderboard.

Final results here:
NABC Practice #2, Day 1 Winners
NABC Practice #2 Day 2 Winners
NABC Practice #2 Overall Winners


NABC Practice #2, Day 1:
Strat A 1st – jlw77
Strat B 1st – Redwineman
Strat C 1st – Thunder C

NABC Practice #2, Day 2:
Strat A 1st – adufresne
Strat B 1st – GCSterling
Strat C 1st – ashoth_14

NABC Practice #2, Overalls:
1st place: microcap (Strat A)
2nd place: 570lex (Strat B)
3rd place: jlw77, but he already won a prize, so runner-up cholula gets the free entry
1st in Strat C: bsmtl

For the BBOers going on to the NABC Robot Individual, don’t forget to practice, practice, practice! Play in any of the Daylong MP tournaments or ACBL Daylong tournaments to build your confidence for this weekend.

The Fall NABC Robot Individual takes place November 23, 24, 25 – Saturday, Sunday, Monday. If you are participating, don’t forget to log in to play your set of 24 boards each day.

We will be sending reminders to participants, but mark your calendar too. Good luck all!