Quiz: Test Your Bridge with Oren

Dear BBOers, you are welcome to try to solve these 4 bridge problems. You will win a score, ranging from 0 to 5 points for each question, and the final results after you complete the quiz.

You hold:
What do you bid as South?

Question 1 of 4

Against 3NT your partner led the 2 and dummy played the Q.

What do you play now?

Question 2 of 4

You hold:
What do you bid as South?

Question 3 of 4

Against 5 West leads the ♣A. How do you play?

Question 4 of 4



    1. Nord me fait une proposition à 3T me faisant savoir qu’il a des Trèfles et des points au moins 18HLD, je conclue à 4P … et vous ?

  1. Thanks for your comments.
    When it comes to trial bids, in our system the player who starts the bid has to show his hand and the partner asks for controls if he sees the chance of a NT conclusion.

  2. my answers depended upon partnership agreements. So asking for a spade stopper or showing a Heart stopper depends on that. Very interesting quiz.

  3. Really fun to do and totally humbling. I see how much I STILL don’t know. It’s why it’s such a great game. Thank you Oren for these quizzes.

  4. I need a quiz like that in my ‘in-box’ every day!! Learned a lot and was a bit humbled by my result!

  5. I was confident that I answered all correctly, and then was shocked when only one was correct. I will always remain a newbie.

  6. I liked this analysis. It provided some guidance on defence. Most ACBL guidance is on playing the hand. Thanks

  7. Strongly disagree with the answer to #1…You have 4-3-3-3 and a minimum hand, regardless of the Q clubs, 3S is the right bid.

  8. excellent bridge teaching! I’ve also got ‘lack of both theory and experience’, cannot agree more!

  9. There is another line of play in solution 4. west may have no dia if the X can be for take out to 5 hearts or 6 club. = he may have 1 spade 5 hearts no dia. 7 clubs. So trick 1 ruff with ace of dia.spade to ace queen of clubs toss a spade is more fun 🙂

  10. I would trump the first club high and create 1 or maybe 2 more entries to the board …the 8 of diamonds for sure and possibly the 4. And of course the ace of spades. Options.

    1. Re-read the analysis. Your line will fail because you lose a spade to the wrong hand and a heart shift defeats the contract.

  11. Muy buen analisis, gastando honores altos sobrantes para crear nuevas entradas con 8 y 4 de diamantes y poder afirmar las espadas. Gracias

  12. I think the 1st question is very close, and depends on partnership style. You have 4-3-3-3 shape (downgrade) and no tens (downgrade.) You didn’t specify form of scoring or vulnerability (it looks like all white?) but even though I guessed what you would say the correct answer is, I am happy to take the plus (I hope) in 3S assuming matchpoints or not vul.

    I think your sample hand is also misleading because what makes the hand is your 0 HCP in H opposite partner’s shortness. Maybe partner should make a short suit try if you’re going to be fancy?

    The other questions, the correct answers are a lot less debatable.

  13. An excellent quiz. I thought of the correct answer on both of my mistakes but used poor logic to discount my analysis

  14. Thank you I would also like to see more quizzes. Interesting for me was my first thought on q1 and 3 were right but then I started to think lol. thanks again Oren

  15. Enjoyed! Awlays great to drill a little theory! Sort of liked 3s better on hand one…but tried see it your way,,
    thx Oren!!!!~

  16. THANKS.Iwould love to have DA in place of DK to bid 3D.If 3C is a suit then since I have 9 losers and only 2 cover cards my bid has to be 3S.If opener had shown a singleton heart then with my 3 cover cards the correct bid is 4S.However that is possible only if one plays botrh the SST AND LST.

  17. Just testing the comments in here. I posted a comment in the “Phil wins” thread and it’s not appearing.

  18. I don’t think lack of focus was my main problem, more likely a lack of knowledge, and unfamiliarity with the bidding system being used, but maybe the computer was just trying to be polite ???

  19. For a verb that is used more than any other in the game of bridge, might be a good idea to spell it correctly. The past tense of “lead” is “led.”

  20. I tend to agree with jonottawa. Although I guessed the answer you wanted (why would you have a quiz that just wanted you to sign off at 3S?), the first hand depends a lot on partnership style. Do you play aggressive invites and solid accepts? Or do you play sold invites and aggressive accepts? Either one can work fine (I prefer aggressive invites at IMPs and solid invites at MPs).

    If you play aggressive invites, then I think the hand you showed needs to sign off at 3S. If you play solid invites, then 3D is probably right at IMPs (especially vul). At MPs, I still think it’s close.

    The other problems are very instructive and have only one clear answer.

  21. Thx so much for all ur GREAT responds (weather agree with me or not 🙂
    The idea of a game try (or help suit try) is to .. ask help in that suit .
    So having a 3-3-3-4 shape is not always relevant , as P didnt ask about ur shape .
    Another example to make it more clear : U hold xxx xxx xxxx AQJ . 7 points with 3-3-4-3 . Same bidding (1sp-2sp-3cl)
    P cd be with AKQJxx xx x Kxxx for his bid and 4sp is cold (while if P bids 3d with AKQJXX xx Kxxx x – u sign off with 3sp) = bid 4sp
    The original question of the quiz: .. P cd still bid 3sp after 3d unless he is sure ur help is good enough.

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