January 20-26: ACBL Club Championship Games

ACBL Games on BBO

BBO announces our ACBL Club Championship games during the third week of January: Monday to Sunday, January 20 to 26.  Every day during that week three of the regular ACBL Speedball games — the 10AM, the 3PM and the 8PM games — will be replaced by ACBL Club Championship Games.

Extra masterpoints, BB$ prizes and, most importantly, a big crowd of bridge players getting together for a special week. Come play!

The ACBL Club Championship games will replace the regularly scheduled Speedball Pairs games, as follows:

Session 1: Monday, January 20:     10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 2: Tuesday, January 21:     10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 3: Wednesday, January 22:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 4: Thursday, January 23:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 5: Friday, January 24:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 6: Saturday, January 25:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 7: Sunday, January 26:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM


  • These games award more ACBL masterpoints to top finishers, depending on the total number of tables.
  • 10 BB$ to top 5 pairs in each of the ACBL Club Championship games.
  • 5 prizes of 5 BB$ to 5 lucky players in each of the ACBL Club Championship games.

The same Conditions of Contest apply to our ACBL Club Championship games as to our usual Speedball games.

How to join:

  • There will be three games every day, Monday to Sunday, in the week of January 20-26, starting at 10AM, 3PM and 8PM US Eastern Time.
  • Log in with 10-15 minutes before start time, so you have time to register. Bring your favorite partner, or grab a new partner from the Partnership desk.
  • Click on ACBL World and look for the ACBL Club Championship Games.
  • The games will be visible and open for registration about 2 hours before start time (from 8AM to 10AM, from 1PM to 3PM and from 6PM to 8PM US Eastern Time).

Don’t miss this fun week, with lots of players and extra prizes!


    1. Hi unassuming,

      Click on the game in which you want to play, and immediately above the Registration box is the Partnership Desk link. Have fun playing!

    1. Hi Cassino1,

      Each Club Championship game is 12 boards (the same as a normal Speedball), and you can play just one game, or all of them, or any combination. The choice is yours. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Maryliz52,

      Each Club Championship game is the same cost as the usual Speedball pairs game, $1.25 BB$. Hope you can join us 🙂

    1. Click the Account tab on the far right side of the screen in the list of vertical tabs. This puts you in the Profile settings. Type in a new password in the password space, confirm by retyping it in the confirmation space, and then click Save Changes. That completes the process.

  1. I am looking for acbl champions games from 20th to 26th January. I live in Kenya and if you can let me the timing accordingly I would love to play

    1. Hello Papubeta,

      Click on ACBL World and then look in the list of pending games for 10am, 3pm and 8pm. All the ACBL games are in the Eastern (New York) time zone. Hope to see you there.

  2. The original Speedball game is still visible too! This is bad, half the people are playing each of the games (Speedball vs. Club Championship). Looks like a major oversight by BBO.

    1. Hello dganin,

      Yes, the 10am game didn’t get deleted like it was supposed to have been. We’re double-checking to make sure this particular situation doesn’t happen again.

  3. I played today in this tourney. finished 4th…no BB$. I asked the TD, and later, got a 5$ bbs. isn’t it supposed to be 10? also, this ad states the 10am speedball game is REPLACED by the club championship game. it wasn’t, the 10am speedball was held as well. this makes for fewer tables and smaller awards. thanks.

    1. Hello Jim_r,

      The prize is $10 for each of the top 5 pairs. Since there are two players in the pair, they share the prize of $5 BB$ each.

      Yes, the 10am game for the regular speedball was supposed to have been canceled, and it was not. We’ve double-checked to make sure the other games were canceled as they were supposed to have been.

  4. Where do I find speedball conditions of contest? How much time per hand is allowed in these ACBL Club Championship games?

    1. Hello Dickey38,

      The time per hand in the ACBL Club Championship games is the same as the normal Speedball, 14.5 minutes per round which works out to around 4.5 minutes per board. The conditions of contest are also the same for the Club Championship games as for the Speedball.

      Have fun playing!

      1. I cannot seem to join the tournament through ACBL World. There is nothing to click on to lead me there.

  5. Also, anybody know what time it is? I posted above at 10:32 am Arizona Time (1:32 pm East Coast US), and post shows 7:32 pm. Maybe that’s why my listings are not showing speedball or club championship games in acbl world?

    1. The time zone used for ACBL games is US Eastern.

      Not sure what time zone this blog is using, but it’s not the same as the one in tourney listing.

  6. I was in the top 5 in Monday’s 10 am Club Championship game.
    I received a prize of $5 prize, but according to your news, it should have been a $10 prize. Help!!

    1. Hi Flafay,

      The partnership receives a $10 BB$ prize which is shared equally between the partners. All is well 🙂

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