Nothing Day Tournament

This Sunday, January 19, you are invited to do Nothing but join us for a another free, fun tournament hosted by Aurora.

Is this the easier or the harder way to do Nothing?

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn facts about absolutely nothing.
  • Watch a show about nothing.
  • Learn more about how the notion of nothingness features in philosophy and science.
  • Do nothing other than join us this Sunday for the Nothing Day Tournament.

Sunday, January 19, at 2PM US Eastern Time (8PM Central European Time).

Click COMPETITIVE, then Free Tournaments and search for the the Nothing Day Tournament, or for yellow host Aurora.

Who can play?
All BBOers are welcome.


  1. You might also like to pay a visit to a wide place in the road here in Arizona: Nothing.

  2. I just want to watch bridge being played like I used too in this programme but somehow it has changed

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