Bridge: We’re Taking Card Lovin’ Converts

Some people grew up with Hearts, while others cut their card decks and teeth in poker rooms. If you’re used to playing other games that involve a card deck, it might be about time to consider bridge as a worthy addition to your arsenal.  The game is more than welcoming to any card lovin’ converts.

Anyone already used to decks, suits, trick-taking games or trumps can jump right in and be at home.

If you think they can Texas Keep’Em, here’s why it’s a great idea to start playing bridge.

Online Players Welcome

Online gambling and cards is a huge chunk of the worldwide gaming market. A lot of players gravitate to blackjack and poker first – but bridge has a huge online following too. Anyone who prefers playing with a virtual card deck will feel right at home as part of any number of internet bridge clubs, including Bridge Base Online.

Clubs in (Almost) Every Town

Even smaller towns consisting of one street, one post office and one City Hall usually have a bridge club. If not, try the next town over. There’s usually a bridge club (or at least an average of three other keen card players) near you for anyone who prefers to play their card games in person.

These Hands Were Made for Shuffling

A lot of general card skills transition well to bridge. Whether you’re assessing the strength of your hand or shuffling the cards, most of what you’ve learned in other card games will be useful skills as a bridge player, too. If you’re comfortable with a card deck, you’ll be comfortable with a game of bridge.

It’s an Easy Transition from Any Game

Many great bridge players were originally skilled at other games like poker, blackjack, Hearts, Canasta or backgammon. Most of them also found bridge to be an easy transition. If you’re a lover of any other game played with cards, tables or boards, you’re almost certainly going to love playing bridge.

Most Equipment is Equivalent

If you’re already a card player, let’s assume that you have a few card decks lying around the house – or at least, you know where to get them. Other than a table and a card deck, you won’t need much more to play bridge.

Score sheets (and convention cards) can be downloaded. Trump markers can be improvised on the spot. If you become any more serious about the game, visit an online bridge supply store for the few things you’d like to add, which usually isn’t much.

Bridge Has Money Games – Or Not

Some gamers and card players prefer playing for high stakes, while others prefer showing their mastery of the game by climbing the ranks instead.

Bridge has many high and low stakes club games played all over the world, but players can also instead join their nearest federation and instead play for master points.

Bridge Broadcasting is Growing

If you’re the kind of sports fan who tunes in for the World Series when it comes around, you’re going to love what bridge has to offer. Bridge broadcasting is growing in popularity, and there are plenty of live broadcasts, games to kibitz and YouTube shows with regular episodes. If you’re a bit of a voyeur (or you’re in the game for deck pics) you can jump right in.

Card Clubs… Combine

Trading Card events and bridge clubs have a few things in common. One of them is a usually lifelong love for card decks – and any club owner of both should exploit the full potential of this by considering combined club events.

TCG players can easily pick up bridge (and often the other way around). Give it a shot!


    1. Can you recommend a site to learn how to play pinocle? I e njoy BBO immensly but have mostly pinocle players around here.

  1. Be wonderful to see money bridge make a comeback. Every medium sized city or bigger used to have cash games. Play when you want. Quit when you want. And you don’t have to deal with ACBL.

  2. KAISER was my first love. Still play it when I visit the prairies.
    Most important … I have been VERY lucky with partners at bridge. They WERE always all better than me.
    Unfortunately, I lost several years of student loans when I started “playing” money bridge.
    NOT the best way to learn the game … but it got me here … playing with robots.

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