Make a New Friend Indy

Is time to make a new friends in the official Make a New Friend Day. What better place to make friends than on BBO?

This Sunday, February 16, you are invited to to make new friends in the Make a New Friend Indy, hosted by Aurora.

How to Celebrate?

  • Say hello to new people and make new friends.
  • Attend events in the city where you can meet like-minded and interesting people. Bridge club, anyone?
  • Be adventurous and attend an event that you may never have thought about attending. Who knows, you may even meet your future best friends there!
  • Join us this Sunday for the Make a New Friend Indy.

Sunday, February 16, at 2PM US Eastern Time (8PM Central European Time).

Click COMPETITIVE, then Free Tournaments and search for the the Make a New Friend tournament, or for yellow host Aurora. This is an individual, so you’re going to meet a lot of new people!

Who can play?
All BBOers are welcome.


  1. It is nice program organized by BBO. I would like to join this program on 16th Feb. 2020 at 2 p. m(IST).

  2. Good to see you running a show, Aurora, rather than rescuing other’s crumbling tourneys as you have for me so often in the past! You are the queen of the yellow jacket bunch IMO. will see you there.

    1. I didn’t read till after the tournament. Sorry I missed. What a great idea to get people together. Always looking for that special partner to play certain games. Keep up the good work I hear you have been doing to keep tournaments going.

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