Free “Zia” Online Sectional: March 2nd and 3rd

Spring comes with good news for BBO and BBOers:

The Zia Mahmood Sectional — BBO’s first online ACBL sectional — will take place on March 2nd and 3rd (Monday and Tuesday)!

As this is our first Sectional experiment ever, we decided to make it free. That’s right, entry will be FREE, and the event will award ACBL Silver Masterpoints. The only requirement in order to participate in this fantastic event is to be an ACBL member with a valid membership.


  • Event dates: Monday, March 2nd and Tuesday, March 3rd;
  • There will be two, independent one-session sectional events awarding Silver Masterpoints;
  • Entry will be free;
  • Must be an ACBL member, and your ACBL number should be up to date in your BBO account;
  • Each session will be 24 boards, matchpoints, played with robots, daylong style (try an ACBL Daylong tournament to see what the format would be);
  • Tournaments will start at midnight US Eastern and last 24 hours. You can start playing any time, but you have until midnight US Eastern time to complete your 24 boards;
  • Registration is now open, so you can register in advance — just remember to come play on March 2nd and 3rd.

How to register?

  • Click ACBL World, then click the event you wish to register to. You can play the Monday session, the Tuesday session, or both.
  • If you want to play both days, remember to click to register on each of them. These are two, independent, one-day sessions.

Why “Zia”?

The winners of the two sectional events win one ACBL speedball with Zia Mahmood!

Stay tuned for more updates in the following days. As always, you can reach us for questions, comments, suggestions at