Spring 2020 NABC Robot Individual: Registration opens February 28 (Friday)

Are you ready for Colombus? As has become a tradition already, the ACBL Nationals open with the NABC Robot Individual, a three-day stratified (Unlimited/2000/500) online event hosted by BBO. Join in the fun — and win big — Red/Gold masterpoints as well as an NABC title up for grabs.

As of Friday, February 28, you will be able to register for the 2020 Spring NABC Robot Individual (March 14-16).

  • Tournament dates: March 14, 15 and 16 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday).
  • Early bird discount if you register before March 9.
  • Another discount if you played the Fall 2019 NABC Robot individual.
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How to register?
Click this link for a short video showing you how to find the NABC Robot Individual and how to register. Remember – the tournament will only become visible after February 28!

Free NABC practice tournament this weekend: February 29-March 1

See you online! As always, questions, comments, suggestions – you can reach us at support@bridgebase.com.


  1. Please increase size of print, I have a vision disability and can’t read without magnifying glass. At least make information enabled to enlarge. Thank you

    1. Hello Kate 737,

      Use the Cntrl plus the “+” key to increase the side of the print.

      Hope you can join us in the NABC Robot Individual 🙂

  2. “Try the free NABC Practice Tournament this weekend (February 29 – March 1) to see for yourself. You’ll find the NABC Practice Tournaments in the ACBL WORLD section of BBO this weekend. ”
    as of 1:26pm CDT on 2/28/2020 there is no listing of these free practice tournaments

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