NABC 2nd Practice this weekend: March 7-8

The NABC Robot Individual is coming! If you register before March 9 you receive an early bird $10 discount. Read the NABC info page for details.

What’s the NABC Robot Individual like? You don’t need to guess. Try the free NABC 2nd Practice Tournament this weekend (March 7-8) to see for yourself. You’ll find the NABC Practice Tournaments in the ACBL WORLD section of BBO this weekend.

Tournament Conditions of Play:

  • These practice tournaments are free and use advanced robots. Click here for the robot system notes.
  • ACBL membership is required. Click here to check if BBO has your ACBL number on file.
  • Each tournament is 12 boards, Matchpoints scoring.
  • Each daily session lasts 24 hours. You must complete your daily boards before midnight US Eastern Time.
  • Unplayed boards are scored as 0 (zero).
  • You need to play at least 1 board each day to advance to the next day.
  • Not everyone will be dealt the same boards.
  • You need to play each day to progress to the next day. To spell it out – You can’t play on Sunday without playing on Saturday.


We’ll give out Free Entries to the actual NABC Robot Individual (March 14-16), as follows:

  • Free entry to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in NABC 2nd Practice tournament – Day 1
  • Free entry to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in NABC 2nd Practice tournament – Day 2
  • Free entries to 1st to 5th place overall
  • If a free entry winner already has registered to the NABC Robot Individual, their entry fee will be refunded
  • If the overall winners have already won free entry in one of the previous sessions, the prize goes to next place (6th, 7th, etc.)

How to join the practice tourneys?
Click ACBL WORLD and look for the ACBL NABC Practice Tournament.


  1. I want to register for the free practice, but I was not able to see in the ACBL WORLD the “ACBL NABC Practice Tournament”
    The only tourneys available were the March 14-16 NABC and the daily events for that day (today March 4)
    Please advise

      1. It is Saturday and I don’t see the practice tournament. I didn’t see even the first Practice tournament. I already have ACBL number on BBO, which I just checked again. What is going on?

        1. My BBO name is 0nsfvalue. I forgot to write in my comment. Please expedite to show NABC Practice tournament, so I can participate. Thanks.

      2. Did they cancel the free practice tournament this weekend. I don’t see it today and didn’t see it yesterday.

    1. I also cannot see the NABC practice tournament. It is now almost 5:00 AM on the 7th. What is up?

  2. The tournament was posted with a delay, sorry for the inconvenience. It’s posted now, you should be able to register.

  3. I do not see the practice tournament
    I am registered for the NABC and played practice last weekend

  4. I have read the comments about not being able to see the practice tournament, what’s going on?? I am unable to see it also, I hope you can fix the issue, I love the practice and the game.

  5. It is nearly 9 PM mountain time and I still am unable to get the practice tournament. I am so very disappointed, what is going on?? I have gone to the ABCL world and it isn’t there!

  6. Did they cancel the practice tournament this weekend? I didn’t see it yesterday and don’t see it today. Last Sunday’s tourney kept freezing on me to the point where I would have to reload to get it to restart. Never had any of these problems before. Did they “improve” this system this time?

  7. I dont see the free practice for Sundat March 8.. Also, last week there was no entry link for the first session of the Zia Sectional.

    BBO needs to do a better job.

  8. What are you guys doing???  Concentrating on raising your prices and changing working interface to bad ones?

    Now, your practice tournament for this weekend to prepare for next week ACBL tourney  is not available.  

    Can I get my $40 registration for the ACBL Tourney back?

    Last week, the first day of the Zia sectional was not available to me.  

    BBO is getting worse and raising all fees at the same time.  WAY TO GO.   

    Maybe we should all stop paying for anything on BBO for one week, and see if they decide to respond. 

    1. I too have noted the same problems.
      Let me know when you are successful at organizing a boycott of a week of not playing on BBO to get their attention.
      I am IN !

  9. It is late afternoon March 8th and I still have not found the NABC Practice Tournament advertised.
    Please cancel my registration for the NABC games to be held next weekend.
    I would appreciate a refund of my registration fees.
    BBO has become unreliable and has collected my registration fee until false pretense.

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