Spring NABC Robot Individual: Day 3 in progress

2,334 players registered to ACBL’s 2020 Spring NABC Robot Individual (Nov 14-16). This is the last day of this 3-day event.

Day 1 and day 2 are over, and preliminary results can be accessed by clicking this link. The official results will be announced after the cheating checks are completed.

santafe is leading after the 2nd session, with 71.51%. sieong, is in second place with a score of 70.54%. Third place was taken by virgo (70.05%).

DAY 1 – Winners

Day 1 winners are rduran1216 (74.96%), sieong (74.78%) and leftfoot (73.84%). rduran1216 and leftfoot, both in flight A while sieong is the winner of the stratum B and virgo of the Stratum C.

DAY 2 – Winners

Day 2 winners are fabi73 (71.91%), winkle (71.56%) and adameba (71%), all three in Strat A while sohcahtoa won Strat B and Virgo still is leading Stratum C.


    1. I was stopped a number of times because of a technical problem! But I lost my consistency in playing the hand when I got back to the game! Because of these problems may we have another day to play the 3rd day again?

  1. If we are unable to access Day 3, will we be credited a partial refund which we either can receive or have applied to the next NABC Robot Individual?

  2. I am very much looking forward to day3…..however looks like it’s going to be day 4 as I can’t access it! Please make sure it remains available for those of us to complete….thank you

  3. I fall for this tournament every time it is offered and never do well in it. The boards are so difficult that it makes for a really unpleasant experience. I felt like I have totally wasted an enormous amount of money for virtually no gain.

    I won’t be playing again in it.

    It would be really nice to have a tournament only for C-level players because this is nothing but an excuse to fill the coffers of A-level players.

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