Santafe wins the 2020 Spring NABC Robot Individual

All results are provisional, but we pronounce Santafe winner of the 2020 Spring NABC Robot Individual. You’ll soon have the chance to know him a bit more with an extended interview.

Second place went to eyhung (68.94%), and sieong came third with 68.59% over the 72 boards. Sieong is also the Flight B winner! Second in B is JRMayne (66.03%). First in C is virgo (65.93%).

Let’s find out what happened on Day 3. Astark won the final session with a whooping 72.88% and landed 4th in the overall rank.

Great performances for the 2020 NABC Robot Individual winner, Santafe with a 72.95% score on the first day, 70.06% on the day 2 and 64.57 on the final day.


  1. Anyway to find my results? So many names. I don’t know what score I should look around.
    Adele Dusenbury

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