New ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong Tournament

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As of Wednesday, March 25, a new ACBL daylong has been added to the BBO schedule.

The ACBL Support Your Club Black Point Daylong is available every day in ACBL World.

This is an 18 board individual tournament with robots, awarding ACBL Black Masterpoints ®. You can register, play at your own pace, leave the table, then resume the game later during the day without losing your results. Entry fee is 6 BB$ and the majority of proceeds goes back towards supporting your club.

What: ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong Tournament
When: Every day from midnight to midnight US Eastern.
Awards: ACBL Black Masterpoints ® and BBO Points
Entry fee: 6 BB$
Limits: Open to all.

Where to find the ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong Tournament

Click ACBL WORLD, and look for the ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong.

The ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong is visible and open for registrations every day, from midnight to midnight US Eastern Time. You can register, play at your own pace, leave the table, then resume the game later during the day without losing your results. You’ll get the final results the next day in a BBO mail, and in the list of Completed tournaments.

How to register to the tournament

Now that you found your tournament, click on it. You will reach this screen.

Click Register to join. Once you are registered, click the tournament again to start playing. You can take a break any time and come back to finish your boards. Just make sure you come back with enough time to finish before midnight US Eastern.

“Table closed” error

Every now and then a network blip or a hiccup of the mighty gods might result in your table closing with an error, and you finding yourself in lobby. If this happens, do not panic. Click the game again, and you will be able to resume your game. If the problem persists, take a break of a few minutes and try again later.

How will you know my club?

The ACBL will share the revenues to each club based on participants’ ACBL player numbers and their recent live sessions. See the FAQ for more information. Update your ACBL number to help BBO and ACBL link you to a club.

Other useful links and tips

Update ACBL number. This page allows you to add your ACBL number to your BBO account, and have your masterpoints reported to the ACBL.

Purchase BB$. BBO dollars are needed to pay entry fees for pay tournaments on the site. Most tournaments are free, but if you wish to play pay games that issue masterpoints, you will need BB$ to pay the entry fee.

Myhands, results, history. The Hand Records database allows you to access your hand records. Recent tournament results can also be accessed on BBO, in the History panel, to the right hand side of your screen.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. I need to pay for a tournament. My partner only paid for herself. Will I get a message to pay before game start?

    1. if you want to play with a partner, against other humans, look for tourneys that are listed as “pairs”. individual tourneys are you and a robot partner against other robots, then you compare your results to others doing the same thing. pair tourneys are must like a normal pairs game at your club.

  2. Just to clarify, is this tournament in addition to the 3 daily SYC games in which you play with a partner, or is it replacing those games. I hope it’s the former.

  3. Is there a way for players who have never played in a local club to identify a club to be supported?

    1. It’s still $5 for the SYC GAMES at the three times a day. These games are not visible until 2 hrs before. See “Highlights” (the second item in the “Messages” column.

  4. Non riesco a chattare al tavolo non riesco a edere gli angoli sti cosa devo fare ho Ipad ciao grazie

  5. Why not make all ACBL games optional SYC, where $1 would go to the clubs. e.g. all 1,25 games would have an option to pay 2.25. I think the clubs would earn more this way. Could keep the 5 dollar 18 board games as well.

  6. Sorry to be a bean counter and an MP-calculation novice, but what are A/B/C for these tournaments? Also, I see certain people winning exactly 2.0 MPs in these out of 2.5 MPs max repeatedly, often with less than awesome overall %ages. How can this occur? Are the 18 boards divided into multiple sessions somehow?

  7. top of this message says

    What: ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong Tournament
    When: Every day from midnight to midnight US Eastern.
    Awards: ACBL Black Masterpoints ® and BBO Points
    Entry fee: 6 BB$
    Limits: Open to all.

    Is it 6 or 5?

  8. I played in the support your club tournament yesterday afternoon and did not get my results

  9. In looking over the hand records and comparing my hands with other tables, I noticed that other tables had a different dealer for the same hand. In other words, the hand I bid had west as the dealer but another table had North as the dealer. This would make a difference in how the hand was bid and what the final result might be.

  10. I Iog in two hours before my game, my partner accepts invitation, I show convention card. WHY DO I HAVE TO KEEP RUNNING BACK TO COMPUTER every few minutes FOR THE NEXT TWO HOURS TO REFRESH??

    I have responsibilities in my home away from my computer. That is why I log in early.

    How often do you require me to refresh before logging me off? This is the most frustrating part of this whole BBO experience.

  11. after you register 2 hrs ahead, you can sign off. just come back a few minutes before game and sign back in.

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