Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #3

You hold:
What do you bid as South?

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You hold:
What do you bid as South?

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*either natural ♠ or 4th suit forcing
** 4 cards ♠
*** GF, Natural (= 1♠ was 4th suit)

You led the ♣3. Declarer played low from dummy, partner followed with the ♣8 and declarer won it with the ♣J. He then played the Q, on which you played low (partner played the 9, for standard count). Declarer continued with a Club to the ♣A (Partner played the ♣9), and with the K, discarding a Club from hand. You won the A.

Which card do you play now?

Question 3 of 4


West led the ♠4. East played the ♠J and you won it with the ♠Q.

What will you play now?

Question 4 of 4



  1. Not playing American so all goes awry. In the first hand I took my partners double as negative double 6/9 points and showing the other 2 suits

  2. QUestions 3 and 4 did not appear on my screen, there was no option for a second page so I had to forego them, yet I was able to see the solutions.

  3. very good! but in hand 3 why partner plays 8cl first ? I thought he has 3 clubs so my 3 are good now!

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