April 20-26: ACBL Club Championship Games

ACBL Games on BBO

BBO announces our ACBL Club Championship games during the next week: Monday to Sunday, April 20 to 26.  Every day during that week three of the regular ACBL Speedball games — the 10AM, the 3PM and the 8PM games — will be replaced by ACBL Club Championship Games.

Extra masterpoints, BB$ prizes and, most importantly, a big crowd of bridge players getting together for a special week. Come play!

The ACBL Club Championship games will replace the regularly scheduled Speedball Pairs games, as follows:

Session 1: Monday, April 20:     10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 2: Tuesday, April 21:     10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 3: Wednesday, April 22:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 4: Thursday, April 23:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 5: Friday, April 24:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 6: Saturday, April 25:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM
Session 7: Sunday, April 26:  10AM, 3PM and 8PM


  • These games award more ACBL masterpoints to top finishers, depending on the total number of tables.
  • 10 BB$ to top 5 pairs in each of the ACBL Club Championship games.
  • 5 prizes of 5 BB$ to 5 lucky players in each of the ACBL Club Championship games.

The same Conditions of Contest apply to our ACBL Club Championship games as to our usual Speedball games.

How to join:

  • There will be three games every day, Monday to Sunday, in the week of April 20-26, starting at 10AM, 3PM and 8PM US Eastern Time.
  • Even for these ACBL Club Championship the entries are limited at 500.  Please log in 60 minutes or more before start time so you have time to register. Bring your favorite partner, or grab a new partner from the Partnership desk.
  • Click on ACBL World and look for the ACBL Club Championship Games.
  • The games will be visible and open for registration about 2 hours before start time (from 8AM to 10AM, from 1PM to 3PM and from 6PM to 8PM US Eastern Time).

Don’t miss this fun week, with lots of players and extra prizes!


    1. why in the world during this extreme time in our country can’t you set up non life master games????? Very hard for us to compete in some of these games.

    2. how do we find a game. I thought the club games were part of the club championship games between April 20 -26th

  1. Having trouble getting in to the free individual games a message comes up saying exceeded free limit. In this time. I find that to be not nice
    Also what happened to the weekly instant tournament
    Thank you

  2. How many boards? How long? Is this a Speedball event? What kind of points, black or uncolored?

    1. If this is a 12 board (48 min limit) tournament like Speedball that allows only 4.5 mins per hand, I would never be interested in playing in such a travesty. This is especially during COVID-19 with so many new players on BBO (who simply can’t do the basic stuff
      in that time per board). I would be interested if 6 or 7 mins were allowed per board. However, you have other well attended games with more appropriate time limit.

  3. Any plans for Silver tournaments? With all the clubs closed – effectively for at least 2 months – it would be lovely to have the option to get some Silver occasionally. Thanks. Leslie

  4. Can a person who is actively playing in a BBO online tournament receive an invitation to play in a later BBO tournament that same day WHILE they are playing BBO online?? So if I am playing in a 12:30 to roughly 2:30 game, can I receive an invitation at 1:00 for the 3:00 game?

  5. I would be pleased to take part in these tournaments, but how can I have access to the partnership desk?
    I presume cannot play with a robot

    1. When you click on the game selected, the far right button is the partnership desk. On that spot you can choose a partner is one is available.

  6. What is the game fee since it’s STaC? Is it still $1.25 b/c clubs charge couple dollars more for STAC?


  8. I do not like playing with experts I do not have a chance. Why can’t you offer non life master tournaments?

  9. My partner and I registered successfully at 8:15AM EST this morning for the 10AM speedball and were suspended one minute before it started. WHY?? There were less than 30 registrants at that time.

  10. I monitored the 10:00 am Speedball. Couldn’t tell whether it was 4.5 or 5 minutes/board, but it was $1.25 for 12 hands. Whereas the SYC games are $6 for 18 hands at 7 minutes/board.

  11. Please use black letters. That pale blue is very difficult to read. Not sure why you need all the different colors. Old people need clear and simple thx

  12. This is second time in a row I signed and paid for a tournament which was speedball instead of regular. Why. This one was just at 3pm.First time we played 8 boards and this time I don’t know.
    How do I see areply?
    Can I get the rest of my deposit back? I guess I am too old for this.

  13. I like the idea of these Club championships, but not playing with such short time for boards. I usually play quickly and often claim, but sometimes I need longer when playing a difficult board. I see no value at all is such speed. Since I’m playing from home, if I have extra time I can write a check, or wipe down a counter, or even pet the cat. So I refuse to play in a Speedball. Perhaps you will take the hint and host some games with longer time limits.


  14. I would like to know where the extra money goes in the SYC games.
    To the directors? Owner of the bridge studio? You say the club. What exactly does that mean?

  15. I completely agree with all the people who want a 199er or other stratification for non-life masters. it’s awful to just get trounced all the time and have no chance whatsoever of winning. It actually discourages us from continuing to play, and that squashes the future of bridge.

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