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New: A weekly daylong for Prime members

We strive to please, and we’ve just added a new feature to BBO’s Prime membership:

Starting tomorrow, every saturday, a 12 boards daylong only for Prime members

Please join this new weekly event made especially for Prime members.

What: Daylong, 12 boards, matchpoints
When: Every saturday from midnight to midnight US Eastern.
Awards: BBO points (1,5x a regular daylong)
Entry fee: Included in Prime membership
Limits: Only for Prime members

How to join?
Click COMPETITIVE, then All Tournaments and look for The Saturday Prime Daylong (MP, 12)

Have fun playing!

You can read more about BBO Prime here. As always, you can let us know what you think at


20 responses to “New: A weekly daylong for Prime members”

  1. Anonymous

    how can I joşn to the free trial for BBO prime?

    1. chivand m


  2. D.Acharjee

    I want to play this event

  3. Ajoykumar3


  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    I want to play in this tournaments.. pl advice me

  6. vasu1

    I want to join this tournaments.. pl advice me

  7. Eva Lindt

    I can not enter my solo bridge.Why not?

  8. Game1980

    will it be always mp?

  9. Bandox

    I am a BBO Prime paying member. Could not play on Saturday the 18th April. Was unable to locate the Saturday Prime Day long despite repeated help request. It didn’t appear in my list. Please look into it. I don’t want to miss it next time round. Please help.

  10. Anonymous

    Correct ID Bandox

  11. Anonymous

    Is this offer ACBL points? Thanks.

  12. Anonymous

    Would like to play in acbl north tournaments, thanks.

  13. hhhe88

    I want to join prime members

  14. Anonymous

    I have been playing online for 11years. Why am I know having trouble??
    I started using my I pad. The format is so different-I don’t care for it at all . Right now I can’t even find an instant tournament to play in. I gives me some gibberish about not being able to authenticate that it is me,

    Please address these issues but more important go back to the old format.

    Please reply

  15. Anonymous

    I want to play in this tournament,

  16. skd1955

    So many friends took part in this td, I aso wanted to take part of this td.

  17. matbouly50

    I want to play tell me how

  18. Anonymous

    Please cancel my subscription.


  19. Mhlittle

    Please cancel my subscription to BBO Prime.