New: Win Gold and Red ACBL masterpoints!

Who said it was not possible to stay home, stay safe AND win Gold and Red ACBL masterpoints? Now you can thanks to the new regionally rated online tournament on BBO: STAY @HOME PLAY @HOME


April 30-May 3 (Thursday-Sunday)

What: 4 days tournament featuring single and two-session 18-board pairs events
When: From April 30 to May 3 included / each day at 4 p.m. EDT with more events and second sessions starting at 7:30 p.m. EDT
Awards: Red and Gold masterpoints / BBO points
Entry fee: 15 BB$ per player, per session for all events and will support the League in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Limits: ACBL members only
Results will be available at ACBL Live shortly after each session.

What you need to know

  • You must have a BBO account
  • Be sure your ACBL number is updated at least 24 hours before the tournament starts. If you want to update or renew your member, please click here
  • You must have enough BB$ on your account to register. Click here to purchase BB$
  • Each event has a limited number of entries, so be sure to register early
  • Entries open two hours before the first session of each tournament event
  • Click here for more information


  1. I assume the ACBL is trying to make up for lost revenue, because there is no other good reason for the outrageous price. BBO runs an 18 board ACBL tourney for $1.75. Hard to believe that the costs for an online regional are any higher to justify the $15 cost, or that the competition will be any tougher (compared to the ACBL tourneys already being played on BBO) to distinguish this regional from a Support Your Club game.

    1. I totally agree. The price is ridiculous, especially because the tournament has no rental costs or other associated expenses and because the financial status of millions of Americans has been hurt by the CoronaVirus. This is a time to give people something to do, not to cause them financial hardship.

    2. It is pretty simple. If you want gold points you have to pay. This is much less expensive then traveling to a regional tournament that is not in you back yard. That said ACBL does not have the same expensive for this as they do a regional.

    3. I agree that the cost is too high. We don’t live in NYC and pay their $25/session prices.
      Also these masterpoints should be considered fool’s Gold points.

      1. Aren’t all gold points fools gold points? They haven’t meant anything for several decades, but now the ACBL has reached the height of absurdity by unabashedly selling masterpoints.

        1. I went online a little well over the time needed to register (it was written that registration would open up two hours ahead of the tournament). When I was finally able to find the tournament about two minutes after the hour, there were already 790 people registered. Do some clubs have spots held for their members? This shouldn’t have occurred. My partner and I were both there waiting – looking forward to this event. It’s unfortunate that so many were allowed access to the site before hand. Most disappointing!

    4. As a bridge player who was looking forward to tornaments this year but feeling nervous about exposure to virus if they resume later in the year I am very happy Acbl and bbo are giving us a safe venue and opportunity to particiipate in a Tornament. I feel like the fee is a bargain compared to the normal costs involved with a tornament and there are lots of cheaper bbo games if people object to the cost

    5. I have always been against giving points for online play. If it was only because of the stay at home policy and during that time only that online masterpoints could be awarded, I might have sympathy but several of my students are all excited for they can get their GOLD points and are aware how easy it would be to CHEAT and call their partner or play in the same house,
      How sad that these were their first thoughts.

      The other thing is that the ACBL has screwed over the west coast virtual clubs by running the games at the prime time of the west coasts clubs Again the clubs who worked hard getting their players online,training them, they lose money on this just as the purpose of the virtual clubs to support their club and have a place for their players to see the people they know, have allowed the alliance clubs to takeover the small clubs by offering all these opportunities for play, sure to close the smaller clubs.
      The clubs they say are so important to the ACBL they say but there actions prove that they are only important to support themselves not the club owners

    6. My partner and I were 634 when we registered to play. When we tried to get on line for play, too many people were trying at same time. We missed tournament. Not good advertisement for $30.

    7. give them a break. ACBL is doing the best iy can in these trying time. The price of the regional is cheaper than some I attend and not extra. It takes money and time to run a tournament whether online or at home.

    8. Social Distancing effects us all, ACBL still have operating costs like rent, power, phone. They applied for PP money but failed to qualify. I am doing my part with extra money. Tournament play runs about $11-12 so that makes a contribution of $5 to keep the lights on.

    1. I was told by the ACBL that you need to play both sessions to get Gold. Otherwise, it’s only RED I believe.

      1. Yes! It is not only exceedingly bad form to not play the second half, but there can be some disciplinary reprecussions as well.

    2. Was this you need a partner? I do not have one but would like to play in these tournaments for red and gold points. Let me know if someone is available.

    3. If I am registered for the Gold Rush pairs, do I have to re-register for the 7:30 session?

  2. You can almost picture in-person bridge vanishing from our very eyes. You now offer every color of masterpoint online so why spend the cost of travel, hotel, food, and entry fees to play in tournaments around the globe? Sad to see ACBL going this route and then to charge $15 is ridiculous. I get there is a pandemic but please do not allow this to be the nail in the coffin for in-person bridge.

  3. I agree the $15 charge is outrageous. No wonder membership continues to membership every year. They don’t pay attention to the beginners especially in club tournament

  4. The cost to me is not significant. If you play at a real life regional the cost is similar. Once we all decide to end the isolation we’ll be back. I enjoy the travel to the Regionals and Nationals particularly if it’s over in Vegas. ACBL has done amazingly good for competitive bridge and it’s my opinion that us seniors (let’s face it, we’re 99% Old Folks) need to support ACBL.

  5. If it’s a 2-session event, will we pay the $30 per person all at once when we register for the first event?

    And I’m assuming new people won’t be able to register for the second session? Otherwise people from session 1 could get locked out once it hits the maximum number of registrants.

  6. There are other policies against newer players, for example, the ranking system. Why do people who became an acbl member after 2010 have a different/higher standard to become a Life Master? It’s a welcome to newer players?

    1. you are kidding. Anyone who became a Life Master after the 70s had no real challenge. Before we played against all people at Regionals and Nationals. No such thing as flights – no such thing as bracketed Knock Outs. – no such thing as tons of points for winning one or two matches – no such thing as being called a life master by playing in flights B,C, D you earned it by beating the best of the best!

  7. The ACBL will make more money on this than they do for a regional. No room rental, no caddies, probably only need 1 director for the whole thing. no staff travel expenses, no supplies.
    now if they gave $10 of their fee to the local clubs, that would be justified.

  8. I, as a Canadian, am not going to pay $21.30 in Canadian funds to play 18 boards (or $42.60 for two sessions). Recently in regionals held in a hotel in Ottawa, Canada, I don’t think I have paid more than $16.00 Canadian per session. Therefore, in my opinion, your tournament fees are much too high, considering that your expenses to hold such an event will be substantially lower than one held in a leased facility inside a hotel.

  9. I’m glad to see this (although it does feel like a lot for us Canadians given the number of boards) but wondering why there are no games on the 30th for us NLMs??

  10. In our state, we pay $12 entry fee for in person sectional and $13-$15 for regional tournament. There is cost of travel and food. However, Unfortunately, this tournament is 18 boards. Increase it to 24 or 27, then the price is comparable or cheaper.

  11. Hey, on the bright side, $15/pp/per session encourages me to support my club rather than ACBL… just sayin’!


  13. Most people commented on the 15$ fee being excessive. I agree that this should be somewhat less.
    There should also be a 750 point limit (gold rush) on some of the games. Just like regular regionals. This is going to be a long period of sheltering in place. We need to have activities to get newbes enthralled with the game.

  14. J’aimerais créer un compte bobo pour pouvoir obtenir des Bb& et pouvoir m’inscrire aux tournois FSB .
    Merci de voûter aide.
    Bonnes salutations .
    Marie Zurbuchen

  15. The logic of the above comments are quite valid. Why is this cost higher than normal regionals? Aren’t the expenses quite a bit less?

    1. If you had to travel to a Regional you could be spending more than $200 a day and even more. Considering travel, hotel, food, entry fees, parking etc… if you can find a regional in your local area the table event fees in US are between $12-18 for each session. It was stated that the cost of achieving Life Master status could range upwards of $12,000, and if you were not able to share lodging and travel expenses with a partner, likely more.

  16. To me this sounds like a bad deal all around:
    1) too expensive, especially for 18 bds
    2) too easy to cheat on BBO (eg partners can talk on the phone while playing)
    3) Gold points won this way should be marked as Online and clearly not get full value
    4) I do not mind winning a few ACBL points in the usual BBO games, but this sounds like someone is encouraging buying your Gold points

    1. People who share information in this way are likely to get caught (and banned from the ACBL) when they make too many unusual bids or plays. I think the vast majority of players want to win the right way and the online games maintain integrity.

  17. I’m surprised at the negativity in so many responses. I for one and thrilled to have the opportunity to play in a tournament online with the opportunity to win gold and red points. I’m sure the events will fill right up. Hopefully Oxford University will come through with a vaccine and next year at this time maybe we can meet again at a tournament. Thanks all for planning this tournament as I imagine it is an extraordinary effort to pull it off, especially this first one! May it be a success and there be more while we are not able to travel.

  18. the cheating is what concerns me most about online tournaments. why don’t they make the tournaments individual movements?

  19. What percentage of the card fee does BBO get? You are complaining that they have no overhead and it is too much money. But who knows if BBO is taking a cut.

  20. What is the masterpoint award distribution?
    How much red and gold for each of the participants?

  21. What is the ACBL’s plan to control cheating? I have seen BBO pairs on the phone, even two players in the same room, looking at each others hands.

    1. Good point.
      I think if u win they will investigate.
      If u cheat to get top 10 (lose a few boards on purpose) then hard to investigate

  22. What recourse do I have if I get knocked off. Partner and I were both knocked off #5492 early afternoon 4/27, We followed instructions to get out, then re-enter. That failed about 3 times. Money down the drain!!

  23. haroldsqzu: Neither the ACBL website or BBO provide any information on how much time per hand will be allowed in this ACBL regional event? Will this vary by event such as 299’er, Gold Rush Pairs, and Stratified pair events that will include FL A players in ACBL. Will the time allowed per board be set by BBO or by ACBL? This information is not shown on either website. I will not play in any game with less then 7 mins per board in a ACBL/BBO regional event. Thank you for responding with time allowed for each event of 18 boards.

  24. How long before BBO requires a membership fee? Prime is the 1st step. $.83 a board a little much.

  25. 1. $15/session is comparable to most regionals I’ve gone to in the SW US.
    2. BBO definitely takes a cut.
    3. This is not about winning points as much as making sure that there’s still an organization around when the crisis is over.
    4. If ACBL is getting a bigger cut of each entry fee than they would from a live regional, well, there will also be many fewer players. That’s a system restriction, not an ACBL restriction. Has anyone noticed that online players have gone from ~10K to ~50K? That takes a lot more hardware and people to manage.
    5. Be happy that we can still play competitive bridge under these trying circumstances.

    Ron Leight, Santa Fe, NM

    1. If all brackets of the online regional are fully subscribed, BBO and the ACBL will rake in $396,000. There is no reason why the regional can’t be expanded, or run every week for the next 4 months (my District is shut down until at least September). Do the math.

      I agree that winning points is trivial; it’s the competition that matters. Problem is, the regional isn’t even set up to promote competition.

  26. Wish List:
    (1) Hope there will be more tables so that more people can play
    (2) Hope there is an option to play with robots

  27. stop complAining. Don’t play if rules and cost a big deal to you. Grateful for this tornament opportunity in these strange times

    1. The ACBL has a chance to bring back to tournament play the people who left because of travel/cost/crowds/time. Instead it offers an expensive experience. Seems like a giant missed opportunity.

  28. As one of those under-40-years-old, under-10-masterpoint players that everyone in the bridge world constantly SAYS the ACBL needs to recruit, I think this is a fantastic idea. With a demanding job and young children at home, there was no chance I could take a Thursday/Friday/Saturday to travel to a tournament, stay in some hotel, and try to win gold points. Impossible. Until this year, as a person new to the game, my blunt perception of bridge was that, while it’s really fun to play, competitive tournament bridge was something designed for retirees – not for me. ACBL and BBO have changed my mind on that. Thank you to both organizations!

  29. I’m really keeping my eyes open for when the SILVER points come out. Zia again? yes please

  30. If you play in the 4 PM you have to sign up at 2 PM. To play in the 7:30 PM – you would have to sign up at 5:30 PM – but if you’re playing at 4 PM – you will still be playing at 5:30 PM and you could get shut out of the 7:30 PM game. Will be able to sign up for both sessions at 2 PM?

  31. Disappointed in the reaction from players who complain about the price. Personally, I am pleased to support the ACBL and any other organizations that are suffering from lost revenue due to this crisis.

    1. How do u contact the tournament? Tried to sign up for 4PM at 2:30. SOLD OUT. How is that possibe. 7:30 isn’t posted yet. It’s probably sold out too!

  32. How many are going to win gold out of 400? One or two? Winning in an under 750 gold rush game is Ridiculously low.

  33. My wife is an excellent A player while I’m an ok 3rd year C player who occasionally now overachieves against the robots. I would be concerned that if I played with her and did have a really good game, rather than congratulating us, we would be suspected of cheating. Thats a win/lose. Will await the next robot regional-thank you. When is the way?

  34. I would like to play in this Regional. However, I do not have a partner. How do I go about finding a fit partner for me. I have about 1430 points and a Silver life master. Thanks for your answer.

  35. The tournament will be available 2 hours before start time. So starting with 2PM US Eastern Time, you can register for the 4PM game. Starting with 5.30 PM you can register for the 7.30 game.

  36. Question. I know that $6 games award full ACBL Black Points. The BBO points are kept separately. Do they count for anything in the pursuit of Life Master status?

  37. what happened I was on but my partner couldn’t get in. then both got booted off. Did you have too many player. the was outrageous

  38. what happened with the 4pm tourney. couldn’t get in then when I did partner couldn’t get in. no way to run a tourney. you should offer an explanation

  39. When I saw the ad, the price surprised me. Not me! Then I thought about it. We all love bridge and ACBL and our local clubs give us an avenue. So…. I am signing up and supporting bridge!

  40. Where is the 7:30 PM SYC game ? My partner and I decided not to play in the gold tournament because we have enough gold etc. We had planned to play in the 7:30 game as we do most nights. We did not find a notice that said it was not going to run. It is unfair. Now we are playing in speedball which we would prefer not to. My question is will it be this way for the next three days?

  41. Why are we only playing two-thirds of the boards played in all tournaments ? It costs nothing to play more boards online.

    1. Sure it costs to play more boards. Most computers, more internet bandwidth, if one longer tournament is running, they can’t run other tournaments when their equipment gets loaded (and it is currently HEAVILY loaded with a lot of ACBL players. I agree they should have played longer sessions too, but I expect it would have cost more and they made a decision to find a “happy” medium.

  42. My partner and I were ready to play, online at the same time, and we were blocked from participating in the second session – even though we played in the first session. Nothing happened to cause this. This is incredibly unfair.

  43. Please explain the “1/1” “1/3” “2/3” notation. Can you win Gold playing just one day?

    1. Apparently, the Side games are 3-day events (3 afternoons, or 3 evenings) to get “overall” points.

  44. If my partner has. 340 master points and I have 170 (do I take the average of the two which is 210 ) and register to play in the 100/200/300 game or must we play in the 100/300/500 game?? Thanks

    1. Partner having 340pts should make you ineligible to play in 299er Pairs, play in Gold Rush Pairs instead.

    2. They take average but if one of you has over 300 points you can NOT play in such event.

  45. These games are a fundraiser for the ACBL who, like many others, is going thru hard times financially. They say they now have to furlough part of their staff and reduce the rest to 80%.

    Regarding BB. They are a great service. Especially during these times. Most people who use it do so without paying anything.

  46. I am irritated that when i registered yesterday for the afternoon session there was no mention that i would be playing 2 sessions? Did i miss something? I re-read the email and did not see anything about this…half way through the msg was posted that i was already registered for the evening session. I had other plans; so i just eat the xtra 15 i was charged? Kind of a rip and i will only do SYC stuff goin frwd. Yes, i did see the 30bb$ fee at time of registering, which was different as well—it usually shows the fee in US$. I will be calling ACBL, though i don’t expect much…

    1. It clearly said 1/2 so you paid for both sessions, exactly like in a regular Regional. You selected a 2 session event.

  47. How do you call ACBL? I had a problem yesterday with getting canceled for the evening session and need $30 refund

    1. Same thing happened to us. No explanation and we had a decent afternoon game. To say I’m angry doesn’t even cut it.

    2. For Gold Rush, register only for 1st session (pay for both, $30). Do not “re-register” for 2nd session ……. if you played the 1st session, you should be automatically entered in the 2nd session. It worked for us. They say that registering a 2nd time may cancel your automatic entry for evening session.

    1. Correct, for determining your Flight A, B, or C. A is average 300-750, B is average 100-300, C is average < 100. No player can be over 750.

  48. Of course it “costs”. BBO has to pay for the capacity to run its games and tournaments and trust me that capacity costs $$$. It may seem “free” to you, but every server and every megabyte of internet bandwidth you support on a website costs you real money every hour it is working. So playing more boards (say 27 instead of 18) would increase the physical cost roughly 50%. What that physical cost is vs the cost of the entry fees I have no idea, but I expect it would result in at least 25% higher fees. BBO runs its tournaments at under $2 so I suspect that $1 is allocated to pay physical costs. For the ACBL, BBO charges more because they pay the ACBL much of the fee which goes to the ACBL and the clubs. BBO probably gets a little more than they might otherwise.

    The ACBL in their email to all of us said that they are using this to help keep their revenue streams at least partially intact during the lockdown when virtually all bridge clubes are closed. I get that too. So while the costs of running an online tournament are much less than a real one, I see why they need to raise the price in order to raise money to stay afloat without laying everyone off. If they did that, they might not even exist when this is all over. It all sucks, so lets be at least a little understanding.

  49. BB$ 60 for two players is a real ripoff!!!!!!!!!!! BB$ 15 to enter for Gold Points should be enough…….Never been to a live tournament that charged more than $20 per person For BB$ 60 you cab keep your gold points.

    1. Every tournament i have played in has been at least $25 per person for 2 sessions and went up in 2019 to $30. Don’t know where you all are playing.

  50. ACBL did not indicate that the two session game yesterday for open players would not be offered today. while waiting for it to appear, my partner and I missed the limit for side pairs. This whole tournament has been confusing to players. An earlier message today, would have been helpful.

    1. Announcements have a link to the Tournament schedule. On Saturday and Sunday, there are 2-session events for both Gold Rush Pairs and Open Pairs.

  51. Tried to sign up at 2:35. Sold out. How? When r u posting the 7:30? Is it sold out prior to posting? How is this possible?

    1. The Gold Rush Pairs sold out (790 entries) within a few minutes of Registration opening (supposed to start at 2pmET, but it was delayed at least 5 minutes). Gotta be online and register immediately when it opens.

  52. I think the price is too high. More important it is not a regional tournament since more people would be logging on from all over the world. I say that since there would not be any travel cost. Also, people could be talking with their partner on the phone during the game. I do not think that is fair when gold points are awarded.

  53. Well, I guess my wife and I have no games to play as I assume you have to play at least two of the three side game series to qualify for much. $60 for 36 boards is too much. This is very unfortunate.

  54. I am surprised that they have a table limit. I am looking forward to playing tomorrow, but I don’t know whether I will be able to get on in time or if I will be kicked like some of the people above were.

  55. Where do you go to see the results of this afternoon’s Happy hour 299er’s game?

  56. I think they should do some effort to check the cheating, I believe most players are honest.

    1. I think you are right, most are honest. But honest people aren’t willing to put up with the obvious cheating. Seriously, 2 rounds of 65% when your average is 49%. How can an honest player compete?

      1. Yes, clearly a lot of cheating. Loot at the extraordinarily high percentages that won. Several overcalls of a suit with 4 HCP and it just happened to match what opponent’s partner was holding? And leads no one would ever consider making that just happen to be the exact way to set a contract? These are not expert players if they are 750 and below. Something else is going on like people are sitting right beside each other while playing. Many people with the same last names who earned high points. Doesn’t make much sense for those of us who are not cheating to play.

      2. The cheating that goes on in online tournaments is awful. The percentages “earned” by “winners” are insane. Results are certainly not comparable to REAL regionals, although I’m sure there are still jerks who try to get away with cheating.

    1. Re high scores – We had a 55% Saturday PM and I did think that there were some odd leads and bids. One lead of the A from AJxxx in an unbid side suit after partner had opened in another suit gave us a bad board. Another an opening bid of 1NT with a six card spade suit on a hand on which 3N might have made as many tricks as 4S.
      At night we had a 77% game with 5 results over 90% and otherwise an ordinary average plus game. On board one I overcalled 4H over a 3S preempt and got out for down one with some help. They can make 5 spades. On board 7 we bid to a good 6C contract after an opponent’s overcall helped place the cards. On board 9 partner opened a 12-14 point 1NT they doubled and I had 2 points and nowhere to go. We made +280 on weak defense. On board 12 we had a normal competitive auction to 3S and were doubled – it was an easy make. On board 18 they opened a weak 2D, partner in PO had 4-4 in the majors and 15 high. I bid 2H on the KQxx and all passed. We made 3 and the opponents could have made 4D. None of these results involved anything odd. If the luck is going your way high scores are possible, higher than in a normal regional because an 18 board game will have higher and lower scores than a 26 board game. Scores may also be higher and lower because the field of people who travel to regionals is likely a bit stronger. There may be some cheaters but don’t point to high scores as evidence.

  57. I am not a rich person but this morning I thought to myself that I should send the ACBL $100 just as appreciation for all they are doing. After reading your comments I think I should send them $200 just for listening to some of you complain. Thirty dollars a day for a Regional? They should charge $50, No dining out, no gas money, no hotel. They deserve our appreciation for all they are trying to do for us. How did those of you who are complaining get so selfish and so self involved? Be as thankful as you can be that you can play bridge and have a venue in which to play. Otherwise, don’t play.

    1. Yes, but look at the results. People who average 48% in tournament play are getting 60 and 70%. They can’t seem to stop cheating online. So seems like we are donating the money anyway. I would like to support, but not $30 a day to play with people in the same household with the same last names.

  58. After my experience, trying to register for this afternoon’s tournament, attempt to get here 2 hours early and register, only to be screwed around. Good luck with your game.

  59. C’mon price is absurd…I won’t sign up again…$15 for the two sessions is the right number…we are buying “fools gold” here.

  60. ACBL is not ready for Prime Time on BBO. In the Gold rush pairs Friday night, there was no CC’s posed in either session except now and then. When a director was called, they said: “you will have to load your cc to the table by going to account-Convention cards”. as a veteran of BBO I knew that was ot possible, and our worthy opponents knew it too, and questioned the dir on exact procedures, . Finally the dir said “we’ve been having issues with that”. The Director additionally said that we should “Alert all that is possible” but the problem is that many of these were new users and didn’t understand the self-alerting system. on two sessions i got maybe 4 alerts, though i asked repeatedly for them. BBO rolled out this whole rocess with almost no glitches, and certainly no glitches with their directors. I wish and hoped ACBL cold do the same thing, but apparently not

  61. Seems very suspicious to me that some of the top tournament scores are 20bps higher than their average tournament scores. Also some pairs have the same last name, city and state. I would to continue supporting, but not if there aren’t some safeguards such as audits to see how a pair scored compared to their average, whether or no they are in the same household, etc.
    I challenge ACBL to look into this and address.

  62. I’m sure no one is reading these comments, but would agree that the price is very high, also agree that it is cheaper than traveling.
    That said, my partner and I played really well yesterday afternoon coming in SECOND in Section 13. We apparently were not awarded any points for our good play. Considering the price I cannot continue paying this price and not expect to receive points for coming in SECOND!!

    1. I read every comment. You certainly should get points coming in second in your section.

  63. Played yesterday. There were 528 tables and only the top 10 teams got points.
    Normally, tournaments are much smaller. I don’t think it is fair to only give points to the top ten. What do you think?

    1. Actually, points were awarded as at any regional. Look at the results on ACBL Live.

  64. Hello, my partner and I are not listed in the Gold Rush results on ACBLive. What’s with that? We did request that a director look at a funny bidding sequence by our opponents, but we’re starting to get nervous our names and point or two will never appear since the event ended 12+ hours ago. Thanks.

  65. Obtaining gold /red is a scam like I have always said.
    Clearly abcl makes it sooo difiicult to get into a tournament. we got closed out yesterday at 2:03
    Clearly others were allowed to sign up beforehand..
    while I was in a 299 game because we could not get in the 0-750.
    .it was CLEAR that some pairs took so long that they were prob discussing
    the hands on the phone.. Finally, the points are granted generously to those few who are on the top
    For those like myself who did nicely couldn’t even be granted a point..
    This experience has confirmed my feeling that obtaining masterpoints is a RACKET.

  66. My partner and I signed in and were number 438 in the GoldRush Make a Date games today starting first game at 4 pm, but when we waiting, our boards never came up…..I wrote ACBL and copied my partner right away but no answer…..
    Missed Gold opportunity!!
    So sad..

  67. Are people in Europe getting to sign in to this? Otherwise, how is it possible that when we signed in on Friday, soon as the listing came up, that already 769 entries were already there? We were # 770 in the entry list. My friend who plays on BBO all the time could not get in on Friday, despite also being right there at 2 pm., and the day before she and her partner were told that the Gold Game was “private” and they were not eligible!!

  68. My wife and I were planning to take part in this. We arranged to be in separate areas of the house on different floors, assuming that all couples would take similar precautions against cheating, inadvertent or otherwise. However, we were dismayed to read all the comments about pairs cheating by sitting beside each other or discussing their hands by telephone that we decided to save our money.

  69. Re high scores – We had a 55% Saturday PM and I did think that there were some odd leads and bids. One lead of the A from AJxxx in an unbid side suit after partner had opened in another suit gave us a bad board. Another an opening bid of 1NT with a six card spade suit on a hand on which 3N might have made as many tricks as 4S.
    At night we had a 77% game with 5 results over 90% and otherwise an ordinary average plus game. On board one I overcalled 4H over a 3S preempt and got out for down one with some help. They can make 5 spades. On board 7 we bid to a good 6C contract after an opponent’s overcall helped place the cards. On board 9 partner opened a 12-14 point 1NT they doubled and I had 2 points and nowhere to go. We made +280 on weak defense. On board 12 we had a normal competitive auction to 3S and were doubled – it was an easy make. On board 18 they opened a weak 2D, partner in PO had 4-4 in the majors and 15 high. I bid 2H on the KQxx and all passed. We made 3 and the opponents could have made 4D. None of these results involved anything odd. If the luck is going your way high scores are possible, higher than in a normal regional because an 18 board game will have higher and lower scores than a 26 board game. Scores may also be higher and lower because the field of people who travel to regionals is likely a bit stronger. There may be some cheaters but don’t point to high scores as evidence.

  70. Nous avons joué le tournoi # 6658 et aucun points n’étaient alloué. Où pourrions-nous voir cela

  71. Points are being awarded by ACBL and are shown in ACBL live. I do not believe there will be BBO points on points showing up in your history file.

  72. Some comments after playing:

    o 16 minutes for 2 boards is a joke. we only get 15 at a regional, and that includes time to move, sort cards, etc.
    o One of the stated goals is to support ACBL staff. I don’t mind paying a little more to support them. But at least make it a reasonable game, with a reasonable number of boards in a reasonable time. And with that, goes a reasonable number of MPs awarded. Since ACBL doesn’t pay to award the points, why be so stingy?

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