Setting up team matches on BBO

Log in to BBO, then from the Lobby click on Competitive then Team Matches – this will take you the Team Matches lobby where all Pending and Running Team Matches are listed.

Only usernames who are not “newbies” can create team matches!

To create your team game, click on the blue Create Team Game button. This opens a pop-up window which itself has three tabs (Identification, Options, Reserve Seats.


  • Title: Name of Match
  • Description: See some additional description strings below
  • Team names: Usually the names of the team captains but whatever you please

Some additional description settings that will help your game run more smoothly

When setting up the match you have the option of adding the following codes in the team match description:

  • +nokill+ keeps the team match pending until all seats are filled.
  • +slow+ the match will not time out automatically after a while if it takes too long to complete.
  • +silentspecs+ blocks kibitzer chat (so that kibitzers can only chat to each other in private)
  • +private+ Prevents people from clicking on the empty seats to ask permission to sit. This allows you to start the team match with empty seats and send invitations to your players without being interrupted by requests from unknown players.
  • When you need to use multiple strings, write them like this:
    +private+ +nokill+ +slow+


  • Form of Scoring: Also includes number of boards
  • Deal source: See below for details on how to load pre-dealt hands
  • Options: Up to the TD
  • Barometer ON (ticked) means players will see a running score when both tables complete boards.

Using saved deals (ie pre-dealt hands)

You need to have first uploaded the pre-dealt hands to your Deal Archive. Click here for instructions on how to upload hands.

  1. If you have already uploaded your hands to your Deal Archive, click on the Use saved deals radio button.
  2. The blue Select Folder button will be activated. Click on the Select Folder button
  3. Highlight the folder of hands you want to use then click on Select.

Reserve Seats

A player must be online to reserve their seat on this tab.

Note that you seat all four members of one team together (in the top half) and all four members of the second team in the lower half.

The N-S pair from Team 1 will move to a table and play the E-W pair from Team 2. The E-W pair from Team 1 will move to the second table and play the N-S pair from Team 2.

The team match can commence at any time, with all 8 seats empty, or with some seats reserved and some seats empty, or when all eight players are online and seated. It is up to the TD whether to start the match with all players or with some seats empty.

If you are organizing a set game it is strongly recommended to use the +private+ string in the team match description to prevent unknown players from requesting to sit in the empty seats.

If you have only 4 or 6 players and are willing to allow other players to join to fill in the missing seats, then do not use the +private+ description string.


After both tables have completed their boards, the tables close down and a pop-up window will appear for all eight players with the match results.

You can download a .lin file with all the team match boards by clicking the “Download boards” link in the final leaderboard.

The results can also be found in the BBO results archive here:


Brand new members cannot create team matches. A new member will see the indication “newbie” in his BBO profile. Team matches and director tools are advanced features and it is easy to accidentally upset other BBO members by misusing them. After a BBO user gains more experience and seniority on the site, they “graduate” to full member and team match creation will become available.

You can only create one team match at a time. This means that if you created a game, your table finished and want to start another one you won’t be able to do this until table 2 has finished playing, and the team match results are available.

Virtual club accounts and other usernames with multiple tournament hosting rights are able to create multiple team matches.

For feedback, bug reports, or if you need permission to create multiple team matches, contact us at