Why Play Prime?

The BBO Prime Club has been in full swing for a few months: As you’ll know if you’re reading this sentence, access to the Prime Club means that you get access to the column and a purple badge to your profile – but I’ve seen a few users using the forums to ask why there’s reason to stick to Prime from here.

Simply, why play Prime?

Here are good reasons to extend your Prime Club membership and invite your fellow bridge players to join.

The Honeymoon is Over

First, we extended the BBO Prime Club membership to all of our users for a limited time period. This can be compared to the Honeymoon period of the BBO Prime Club: Let’s get together for a few months and get a good feel for each other – much like partners on a honeymoon fumbling around in the dark.

The so-called Honeymoon period has passed.

Now, after a few months of feeling around, let’s get to some real action.

A personal thanks to you if you’re a member who decided to extend their Prime membership!

If you’re still thinking about extending your membership, there’s still a lot to come for the Prime Club: Stick around and you’ll get the chance to find out. 

The Absence of Ads

One of the first things you get for joining the Prime Club is the absence of ads.

For many users, this is enough reason to join the club. We know that the need to see ads can be distracting in the middle of a good game.

The Bots Step It Up

Bridge players who are up for a challenge can all appreciate the fact that robot play on the Prime Club relies on a more advanced, fleshed-out version of GIB.

Why do you have to pay for it?

More advanced bot play chews through the resources of the BBO Matrix: To keep the playing experience smooth and make sure bugs remain minimal for advanced, thinking robots, it takes a little more from the BBO server’s side to keep it this way.

The BBO Prime Exclusive Articles

The BBO Prime bridge articles are another addition to your Prime membership – and this is where you’ll get to see articles on the bridge universe only available here.

Of course, I hope that readers of my column have been enjoying it so far: Use the comments to get in touch and let us know what you would like to see covered through the Column and we’re happy to include more of this or less of that.

What appears on the Prime feed relies on your feedback, so get in touch with your thoughts on the column so far and we’ll make sure to consider them as the Prime Club  continues to grow.

The Exclusive Prime Tournaments

Other than more advanced bot play, the human players you’ll find on Prime are great players, too!

To accommodate the human users of Prime, BBO brought in the addition of exclusive members-only Prime tournaments.

It’s a great place to get to know some new players – and the more people join Prime from here, the more of these exclusive tournaments there will be.

The Prime Club Interviews

One of the purposes of the BBO Prime articles is to keep you informed and updated about what’s going on in bridge today: Sometimes this means information about the game and how to play it, but this also includes exclusive Prime Club interviews that you’ll only get to read here.

Prime Club interviews include conversations with notable bridge players, interesting BBO users and celebrities from other realms who stop by to talk to us about bridge.

We’ll keep the interviews and conversations coming as long as members are here to read them!

The Best is Yet to Come

The Prime Club has only been existence for a few months now: This means that it’s early days for most of the members here – and it’s a pretty new concept even for the people at BBO.

We’re still expanding, growing and finding our feet on Prime: Stick with us (and keep sending thoughts, suggestions and comments) and the Prime Club can only get better from here!


  1. Some of my friends apparently do not have/or/see the “Casual” button on their lobby screen. This prevents them from following me to the casual server where I start a table. Is this some kind of oversight by bbo? Also, I cannot find anyplace on my lobby screen where I can start a table, unless I go to the casual server. Is that correct?

    1. Changes were made to the BBO software recently that moved Casual to a different server. Make sure you and your friends are using the latest version of BBO. Just type http://www.bridgebase.com in your brower and go to the latest version. Some people are still using the old “Flash” version. Don’t use that. You can’t use the Flash version and see the new Casual section or play Virtual Club games. Some people have BBO set up on an icon on their desktop or a favorite in their favorites list. But if this icon or favorite takes you to an old version, which it certainly can do, that would be a problem when it comes to Casual games and Virtual Club games.

    2. bonjour , j’ai laisse tomber la nouvelle version de BBO, chaque fois que j’ouvrais une table avec mes amis, j’avais du mal a les inviter. Car j’ai bien compris qu’on est dirige automatiquement sur un 2eme serveur , et voila que je n’arrivais plus a rejoindre mes amis….; Donc j’ai obté pour rester sur l’ancienne version de BBO et ça me facilite les invitations..
      Je n’ai pas bien compris votre système BBO (trop de joueurs), mais cependant il y a beaucoup de gens qui cherchent leurs amis de BBO…et qui n’arrivent plus retrouver leurs partenaires de jeu.. dommage…..J’espère que vous allez changer ce système, merci de nous le faire savoir….

  2. From the main screen:
    1. click on BBO Prime New
    2. click on Join the BBO Prime Community
    3. click on Join BBO Prime – Note you wil need to have a credit card on file this can be added from the pruchase page

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