My 2 is our beloved “Micro-Polynsesian” – smuggled into America by infected rats on a tramp steamer from Tonga 3+ decades ago.

I SWEAR we’ve NEVER had a disaster – until last night, in the 8PM Speedball Pairs Toonimint. I held “el perfecto” = 10-12 HCP + any 3 suits. But that “oldbull” (Maynard, playing with Shirley Eide) sure shoveled some sh** – on 2 jacks and 8 losers! And he reaped +510 for his creativity! (After Vickie’s Q OL, the bull actually had +610 made, but he mercifully gave us 3 early.)

Vickie thought her DBL was for takeout (as it would have meant “partner, pass with length, but pull with shortness” through their 3 overcalls, by agreement). But, did Vickie think ME had 4? REELY?? I sure thot SHE had NORTH’s hand! (or more) Why didn’t she just bid either of our cold black /red games? Alas, we were 3+3 (and/or 4 missing trix) short of a top board 🙁