Tricks of the Trade interviews: David Gold

In this interview that “launches” Shahzaad Natt (kurtgodel) and India Leeming (nin_L)’s new youtube channel — Tricks of the Trade — top international player David Gold (dagold) talks about how he got into the game, bridge vs chess, bridge online, cheating, the ALT invitational and Covid-19.

Every week, Shahzaad and India hope to interview a world class player and release some exciting deals on YouTube.

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  1. Good interviewing skills – ask an open-ended question, then let the interviewee ramble where his thoughts take the topic.

    I would have liked to hear more about his opinion of online bridge differences – self-alerting, playing with/against robots, etc. Also, does he practice with online tools, & if so, does he use random hands or vugraph deal sources?

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