June winners: BBO Royals & Masters Tournament

We invited our BBO Royals (players who managed to achieve the ranks , , , ) and BBO Masters (players holding the ranks , ,   etc.) to play in one special tournament on Saturday, June 28.

This monthly event, held on the 28th of each month, celebrates BBO’s elite tournament players by rewarding them with a free tourney that awards BBO Points.

June Royals & Masters winners are

  1. jmundayBBO Star from USA
  2. F22 from Romania
  3. tsfr from USA

1,454 players registered to play June’s Royals and Masters. Final results here

Well done, dear Royals and Masters! See you in July for more Royal treatment!


  1. Just curious why the results ‘header’ says there were 4472 Tables when there were only 1454 players participating in the event!

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