Jcwla wins the 2020 Summer NABC Robot Individual

Last weekend (July 11-13) finally took place the Summer NABC Robot Individual Tournament..

Check the link to have a look at the provisional results of the Summer NABC Robot Individual!

We are happy to announce that the provisionnal winner of the 2020 Summer NABC Robot Individual is: Jcwla (68.35%)!!!

Second place went to Leo LaSota (68.33%), and deinos came third with 68.26% over the 72 boards.

Great performances for the 2020 NABC Robot Individual winner Jcwla, with a 69.01% score on the first day, 72.19% on the day 2 and 63.86% (Section 116) on the final day gaining an Overall score of 68.35%!!

palabreur (65.32%) is the Flight B winner! Second in B is sheng319 (65.29%). First in C is rjjones5 (64.34%).

Summery about the NABC Summer Robot Individual

3242 ACBL BBOers registered to play!

Day 1 results here:

  • 1st place: gretsky (74.21%);
  • 2nd place: ginobiloba (73.56%);
  • 3rd place: santafe (72.69%).

Day 2 results here:

  • 1st place: deinos (75.66%);
  • 2nd place: badesh (75.45%);
  • 3rd place: dstukalov (72.70%).

Day 3 results here:

  • 1st place: sheng319 (77.43%);
  • 2nd place: strei1 (75.77%);
  • 3rd place: phil (74.81%).

And finally Overall results here:

  • 1st place: jcwla (68.35%);
  • 2nd place: Leo LaSota (68.33%);
  • 3rd place: deinos (68.26%).

We hope you enjoyed the Summer NABC Robot Individual Tournament!