Winners of BBO Speedball Swiss Challenge (July 16-31)

UPDATE: After two weeks of competition, the winners of our Speedball Swiss Challenge are:

July 16 – 31 Winners (Click here for Top 30)

Top 10 scorers over the interval of July 16-31 won 10 BB$ each. Well done, everyone!

How good are you? BBO players were invited to play our new BBO Speedball Swiss Pairs and score 55% or higher as often as they could, from July 16 until July 31.

BBO’s Speedball Swiss Pair tournaments are available every day, every hour. Have fun!

Click here to read more about BBO’s Speedball Swiss Pairs. Click Competitive -> BBO Points Tournaments to play! Or, visit the new Virtual Clubs menu and click BBO World.


  1. This is a great feature for players outside the US….I am sure it will catch on if you guys at BBO keep promoting this tourney.

    1. Agree
      My robot declared many hands and played as if imps so i lost several games
      Are the robots programed to maximise tricks or make their contracts?

  2. a tourney with 6 pairs entered was cancelled 7/31/20 that is not acceptable, as this tourney goes begging with 0-1 entry many hours. FIX THIS 🙂

  3. big compliments to the whole BBO team
    I had a lot of great moments with the speedball
    again thank you so much
    greetings from Belgium
    Hoffelijk (Leentje)

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