Winners of 2 Day Free Weekend Event (July 25 – 26)

This weekend, Saturday, July 25, and Sunday, July 26, all BBOers were invited to play the 2 Day Free Weekend Event.

The winner is roboc0p with a score of 80.79%! Second place went to mahmutni (76.35%) and jesperdall (76.31%) got 3rd place. Well done everyone! 

• 14,884 players registered to play on Saturday. Day 1 results here.
• 10,735 players qualified to play on Sunday. Day 2 results here.
• Overall results here

Next weekend come play the Free Weekend Survivor. All welcome!

And remember, if you reached your weekly free limit — no problem. Come over to the new version of BBO where limits are off.

Super Sunday Daylong


  1. With great respect, after going through the brds Roboc0p played i’m having difficulty believing that this is a real person. please prove me wrong

  2. Look at the boards he played. He claims to be a novice!!! but he has learned to trick the robot defenders. He opens the bidding with his WEAKEST suit and the robots then avoid that suit at every opportunity and proceed to set up declarer’s suits. As an example, with 4 spades, 5 hearts, 3 diamonds and a singleton small club, he opened 1 club. He had 11 HCP. Partner responded 1 spade and Robocop bid 3 NT! Opponents between them held 10 clubs with the top 3 honors and never led a club. Top board! Very clever, perhaps, but is it bridge?

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