Press Release – Cheating: zero tolerance

31st July 2020

BBO and Funbridge wish to emphasise their policy regarding zero tolerance of bad behaviour and cheating by participants playing bridge online at their sites.

Both organisations strive daily to prevent and detect cheating. Considerable human and IT resources have been deployed to this end.

Both organisations are also working with the World Bridge Federation and all National Bridge Organisations to stamp out any form of cheating, any behaviour contrary to normal, accepted standards or anything that may affect the running of the game.

Conditions and Regulations are published on both sites and all participants are encouraged to read them and commit to abiding by them.

Breaches of acceptable behaviour or cheating will be dealt with by the online provider initially and, particularly in the case of cheating, referred to any competent authorities for further action as deemed appropriate.

“We like this game too much to let a few alter its nature by cheating. We are intransigent on the issue.”

Olivier Comte – 52 Entertainment (BBO and Funbridge) president.