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Guide for submitting bridge articles

Thank you for submitting your bridge article to be published on BBO. We accept word documents, pdf, emails, offline messages on BBO, and in general any communication where the text is clear and the hand diagrams are available in web format.

Authors familiar with blogs and online publishing can be granted access to our blog so that they can submit, edit and correct their own materials.

Format for bridge diagrams

We are publishing these articles online, not on paper, therefore we require any hand diagrams included in your article to be in a format that can be embedded on our blog and web pages.

We will need the handviewer URL for each hand diagram. If you don’t have the hands in handviewer format, you can use this tool to create your bridge diagrams:

It is documented here, if you need more info.

Please do not expect us to rotate, edit or modify your diagrams. They will be published exactly as you send them, likely by a non-bridge player 🙂

Other observations

Please do not use abbreviations such as “u” instead of “you”, “cd”, “shd” instead of “could”, “should”, etc. While these are common in online chatting, they can be misleading in writing, especially when our audience is so wide and international.

Do your best to proof your own work. There won’t be a very through proofreading and review process, as our editorial team is mostly made up of non-bridge players, so in order to avoid finding what errors you missed straight from the comment box please take some time to verify your work before hitting the Send button.

Thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact us at