Online Card Deck Toys

There’s a lot of things you can do with a standard, old-fashioned card deck. 

Sometime this week, I came to wonder if the same thing would be true for virtual card decks. That is, those that exist in cyberspace instead of being physically printed and held the way we used to.

This thought finally brought me to look up some online card deck toys. Basically, anything that allows you to play around with a virtual deck.

Here’s what I dug up. Have fun! is a great website if you’re a lover of random number generation (and either scrambling or unscrambling the results). The main website has several different randomizers to play around with, though above you can find their “random card picker”. 

What random card pickers are useful for is entirely up to you. Use it for fortune telling, choosing your breakfast or a larger probability pool than flipping a coin for the same decisions.

Random Cards

If you haven’t found the answer to a difficult problem yet, here’s another random card picker. Get ready to choose your big next life decision with cards – or, well, don’t, because that might be a really bad idea. Random card choosers are still occasionally fun, though.


This might be one of the simplest virtual card tables I’ve ever seen, but this is also part of what makes it great. You’re presented with a deck. Cards can be moved around, or they can be flipped. Click and drag to move around the table from there. 

Surprisingly, the functionality is enough to play a simple game of solitaire, blackjack or whatever you like.

Alternatively, use it to draw stuff. 

Into the Hat

Playing card throwing is – incredibly and surprisingly – a thing that some people do during their off time. In my own experience, fun to try, but potentially disastrous when it comes to the cleanup aftermath. (Nobody said I did this with only one deck at the time…) 

Introducing Into the Hat, where the only point of the game is to throw cards around at things. Instead of cleaning up cards, just close the tab when you’re done.

Card Throw VR

If the concept of card throwing still intrigues you after this point, Card Throw VR might be worth checking out. It combines virtual reality – and will subsequently require goggles – but if you already have these around the house, enjoy.

Crazy Card Trick

Next, let’s try a card trick.

This is basically the equivalent of the popular 20 questions, but with cards. 

If you have a few minutes to kill (or you know someone who would be amazed or freaked out by this simple online trick), it’s a good one to share.

Zener Cards

Enjoy a séance and want more out of your experience? Believe in ghosts, ghouls, things that go bump and extra sensory perception?

Well, probably not, but this is still fun. 


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