Video: Distributional Deals

Play this week’s Free Instant Tournament then see how you compare to multiple Australian National Champion and representative Peter Hollands.

This week had lots of distributional deals to handle. Follow along with Pete to see how he copes.

Weekly Free Instant Tournament may be found on Solitair area

Additional information

The Free Instant Tournament has same hands all week and the hands are changed on Friday. Specifically, from Friday till next Friday players can play all the times they want in order to get a better score.

Moreover, this game does not offer masterpoints.


  1. On board 3, the robot covers the diamond J with the Q in the second trick if, and only if, declarer covered the club 5 with the 7 on the first trick. If declarer plays the club 3 on the first trick, the robot rewards the declarer by not covering the diamond J on the next trick. Although irrelevant, the choice of the low club determines whether the robot gives away an overtrick.

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