October 10-11: BBO Rainbow Teams Tournament

Join us on October 10-11 for a free, short & sweet teams tournament open to all!

Who can play?


  • October 10-11, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday).


  • Each team captain must send an email to bbotds@bridgebase.com to register their team
    • A team can contain max 6 players
    • Mention all your players’ BBO usernames. Be careful for typos.
    • For usernames with spaces, use +, for example: 0+++Ace
  • Deadline for registrations: October 8, midnight US Eastern Time (6AM CET on October 9 for Europe).
  • Click here for the Conditions of Contest. Here’s the official Rainbow Teams Tournament page.


  • Saturday, October 10.
    • Elimination phase. 3 matches of 10 boards each.
    • Play starts at 11AM US Eastern Time (5PM CET)
    • Top 32 move further.
  • Sunday, October 11.
    • Round of 32 with 8-board KO matches until the Finals.
    • In the Finals, teams will play one 16 boards match.