Welcome to the BBO Carnival! (Oct 3-4, Sat-Sun)

October starts with a fun packed Carnival of Bridge this coming weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. We have games to suit all tastes and abilities: pairs, indies, robots, daylongs, survivors, for newcomers or super stars. You name it, we’re doing it! Take a look at what’s in store below.

Click here for BBO Carnival Conditions of Contest

Key Events

Turbo Drop Pairs Survivor

The Carnival’s most exciting game, this free multi-session, 2 day event is not for the weak hearted. Four sessions, two days, top 50% move forward! If you’re up for the challenge and want to try and make it through to the Finals on Sunday grab your favorite partner and be sure to schedule this one in! Click here for all the details

Ring the Bell Daylong Reward

A Carnival isn’t complete without a featured attraction. Our Daylong Reward is a brand new type of game that’s sure to bring out the competitor in you. Hit the hammer hard enough and win BB$ prizes. All players contribute 1 BB$, which goes to a prize pool given back to the top scorers. Click here to read all about it

Two-Day Haunted House Survivor

Have fun all weekend with the Two-Day Haunted House Survivor. This is a daylong style tournament with Ghosts ‘n Ghouls thrown in for good measure. Manage to survive the terror by finishing in the top 50% and you’ll get to do it all over again in the Finals on Sunday. For those who don’t manage to leave the house in one piece (or finish in the bottom 50%) we’re putting on the Fun House Daylong consolation tournament on Sunday. Click here for more information

Other Carnival Games

Cotton Candy Pairs (0-5 BBO Points)

Free of charge this weekend, this is a sweet and friendly pair game for players with less than 5 BBO points. Based on the popular BBO Newcomer Pairs, you can taste the Carnival’s Cotton Candy specialty every hour at xx:10. Find out all the details here

Candy Apple Pairs (0-500 BBO Points)

If you’re a beginner / intermediate and find yourself with a sweet tooth during the BBO Carnival, look no further than Candy Apple Pairs (limited to players with up to 500 BBO Points). There’s Candy Apple every hour at xx:20, free all weekend! Find out more about Candy Apple Pairs here

Churros Open Pairs

The super sweet Churros Open Pairs side stall is open to all comers. Running hourly at xx:30 throughout the BBO Carnival weekend, this free open pairs tournament offers you the opportunity to flex your strategic prowess! It’s free to play and perfect even for the most demanding pairs. More details can be found here

Hot Dog Speedball Pairs

This fun pairs game is fast and furious and guaranteed to keep the adrenaline up and mind working hard. Running hourly at xx:30, if you’ve an hour to spare during the Carnival, give this great game a go. Just like the other BBO pair games, BBO’s Speedball Swiss wears a fun carnival costume and is free to play! For all the details click here

Popcorn Express – 4 Fast Boards

Fast and furious, Popcorn Express holds no prisoners. If you need a snack during the BBO Carnival, dive into this fun game. Play fast or you’ll be popped out! Click here for full details

The Carnival’s Daylong Specials

Teacups Daylong

Teacups Daylong is a short 8-board ride where you can win BBO Points. MPs, IMPs, or Just Declare – pick your favorite and play at your own pace. Get the lowdown here

Merry-Go-Round Daylong

Win BBO Points at the BBO Carnival in the Merry-Go-Round Daylong. As with all Daylongs you call the shots and play at your own pace in this 12-boards ride. Find out all about the Merry-Go-Round Daylong here

Mad Hatter Daylong

With BBO Points up for grabs, why not give the crazy 20 board Mad Hatter Daylong a go at the Carnival! It’s available throughout the weekend so you can fit it into your schedule. Click here to find out more about the Mad Hatter