The Bridge International Championship 2020 (BIC) is coming!

Yes, that’s right, the BIC 2020 is coming. It’s time to get ready to take part in this historical event. It’s the first international bridge tournament taking place on both BBO and our sister app, Funbridge. Who will be the inaugural online BBO BIC Winner? Could it be you?

Block out your diary from Monday the 26th of October through to Sunday the 1st of November – no distractions! Just bridge!

We’ll be crowning international and national champions. You’ll be up against players from all corners of the globe as well as your compatriots.

How will it work?
BIC 2020 will take centre stage and kick off off with 100 Geo Country v Country Daylongs.

Don’t have space in your schedule for a week of non-stop bridge / not ready to mix it with the top players? Don’t worry. There will be a range of side events for players of all levels and for those who can’t afford the time to devote to the main tournament.

All tournaments have BBO Points up for grabs!

For all the details visit:

7 thoughts on “The Bridge International Championship 2020 (BIC) is coming!

  1. je désire participer. Bien souvent dans vos tournois, les Joueurs qui sont sur la ligne verticale (moi je suis toujours en bas sur l’ordinateur) bien souvent on ne joue pas -pas de point- toujours en défense sibien que je n’ai pas beaucoup progressé au jeu de la carte… et ce n’est pas marrant de “faire le service”
    A samedi

  2. Can you tel me how I can enter for the tournament please. How much the fee please.

    1. Hello – there will be more details released shortly with all the information you’ll need to play in the tournament.

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