BBO Rainbow Teams Tournament

UPDATE: Round 3 was cancelled due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We will update the results based on Rounds 1 and 2, then proceed with the final phase tomorrow.

This is an experimental format. We apologize for the various problems. On the positive side of things, we have learned a lot about what is still missing and got to test some new software.

Thank you very much for taking part in our experimental Rainbow Teams, and keep an eye on the news to find out who qualified for the Finals.

Round 3 starts with one hour delay. Please stay tuned, if possible with all your team members, as our lineups were most likely not updated with all the recent changes.

Round 2 started with a delay on BBO’s side (too much data to process from Round 1, which in turn caused multiple pairs to withdraw. Sorry all, please consider this an experiment 🙂 Next time we will know what not to do!

Lots of teams did not start.

Team 1ErrorTeam 1 ScoreTeam 2Team 2 Score
1over1err=xaadr123 is not online-12Team Galligan12
Derby City Fourerr=bighitter is not online-12Team 4 Aces-BD12
EdmontonOCCSCerr=joewks is not online-12Team Susan Zhang12
kabiraj IVerr=kabiraj13 is not online-12Team Winton King12
Quantic Teamerr=fpotter is not online-12Team Plast12
Taser Desherr=King of he is not online-12Minang Maimbau12
Team AAAerr=jexa_ is not online-12VFJ SPORTS CLUB12
Team BCL1err=petethg is not online-12Team Wilmoto12
Team bharati err=bharati9 is not online-12Gil Virtual Club12
Team Carol Feugererr=Sherbates is not online-12Team SIRINYER SPOR12
Team DAMKÖRerr=erolsar is not online-12Team Ana Kovacevic12
Team Dittmannerr=Gizmogret is not online-12Team Ami Elis12
Team Jackieerr=Anniekean is not online-12Team longshots12
Team Julie Wongerr=gfarren is not online-12BIDDERS12
Team KAOMerr=01tuana is not online-12Team Starrycyclades 12
Team Keas friendserr=gittty is not online-12Rabono12
Team Leveretterr=tridovegg is not online-12Team Grace12
Team Lockdown Bridgeerr=averma16 is not online-12Team The Michiganders12
Team Marbleserr=dc1999 is not online -> typo12Team Baobab12
Team Maren Steinmayererr=Cocobiene is not online-12Team Satu Mare12
Team Mexico Lindoerr=bulock is not online-12Team Linda Green12
Team PANCHI err=shashikat is not online-12Team Bruce Maier12
Team SKYerr=doktrin is not online-12Team Tom Reynolds12
Team Visnelikerr=tolgatasgi is not online-12Team Aroon Birla12
Team ZIMBRIIerr=basarab is not online-12Team Arun Kumtha12

Round 1 is now in progress. A number of matches have not started.

Penalties will be assigned, and the opposing team will get a bye to Round 2 with +12 IMPs.

We’ll notify captains via email.

Team 30 Minang Maimbau err=plc_pku_09 is not online
Team 48 Young Gun err=ftbc 063 is not online
Team 59 kabiraj IV err=kabiraj13 is not online
Team 87 Team Honeybees err=Aiz is not online
err=? is not online
Team 102 Team Ratra err=avijit1965 is not online
Team 104 Team Tonmoy’s 4 err=tonmoy_197 is not online
Team 107 Team Lockdown Bridge err=averma16 is not online
Team 109 Team BRIDGEDOCTORS err=deadmen is not online
Team 114 Terminators err=anzelm is not online
Team 129 Team Jackie err=Anniekean is not online
Team 131 Team bharati err=sudame is not online
Team 142 Team ZIMBRII err=adibu is not online
Team 148 Team Satu Mare err=matuz2000 is not online
Team 149 Team Stelios Kozis err=steliosk is not online
Team 165 Team SKY err=Daphny is not online

Team HendrickWin 12 Minang Maimbau Forfeit
Team Julie WongWin 12Young GunForfeit
kabiraj IV ForfeitTeam Chris CowanWin 12
Team HoneybeesForfeitTeam SETU Win 12
Team ScotlandWin 12 Team Wilmoto Win 12
Team PANCHI Win 12Team RatraForfeit
HP Bridge ClubWin 12Team Tonmoy’s 4Forfeit
Team Lockdown BridgeForfeitTeam Starrycyclades Win 12
Team BRIDGEDOCTORSForfeitTeam Phyllis CoelhoWin 12
Team Csrol FeugerWin 12TerminatorsForfeit
Team JackieForfeitTeam The MichigandersWin 12
Team bharati ForfeitTeam Northeast PlayersWin 12
Team Carolina ConnectionWin 12Team ZIMBRIIForfeit
Team CENGİZWin 12Team Satu MareForfeit
Team Stelios KozisForfeitTeam BaobabWin 12
Team SKYForfeitTeam Ana KovacevicWin 12

Registrations are now closed!

Click here for the list of registered teams.

For team captains:

  • Please see the list of registered teams here.
    • We assume that Player1 + Player2 and Player3 + Player4 will be your team for Saturday, for all 3 rounds, with any additional players being available as substitutes.
    • If this is not the case please specify your lineup in writing to by Friday, October 9, at midnight New York Time (6AM Paris time).
    • (if you already sent us your lineup and you received a confirmation email, there is no need to send it again).
    • Corrections and entries sent later than this deadline will be ignored, unless a team withdraws.
  • Please have your team online at least 15 minutes before round start time.
  • Players will be taken to their seats automatically (without an invitation), provided that they are online.
  • You will be paired randomly with another team at round start time.
  • Running scores will be available on the Results page as soon as the first teams finish playing.
  • Not all teams play the same boards. Each match will be dealt random boards.
  • The top 32 teams with the highest IMPs difference move forward to the final phase on Sunday.
  • Penalties will be applied for late teams or missing teams, as well as for unacceptably slow play, as detailed in the Conditions of Contest.
  • For all info and details, see the Rainbow Teams Tournament page.


  • Saturday, October 10.
    • Elimination phase. 3 matches of 10 boards each.
    • Play starts at 11AM New York Time (5PM Paris Time)
    • Top 32 move further.
  • Sunday, October 11.
    • Round of 32 with 8-board KO matches until the Finals.
    • In the Finals, teams will play one 16 boards match.


  1. My team brandylot does not show on posted list of teams


    I submitted entry yesterday so please add our team


    Rich Brandenburg

    1. Hi Rich,

      Sorry about this, your email landed in spam. Fixed now, and your team is listed. Check your email for the confirmation.

      1. how about edmontonOCCSC team? number 23. we were not invited for second round. Are we still quilified for third round?

  2. Hi, my Team(mixture) is not registered. I wrote an email on October 8th, yesterday asked again, but have receieved no answer.

    1. Hi Iriska,

      I’m sorry, we missed some registrations (spam filters overly aggressive). We apologize, we will have more events in the near future.

    1. Hi Emily. Check your email please. We added you, you’re team 93.

      Sorry about this, some emails ended up in spam / trash, we may have missed some registrations.

      If not too late for your group please be online 15 mins before round starts and let’s play bridge 🙂

    1. You sent it too late, sorry. We cannot make changes at this hour. Your lineup will be whhat is listed in the reistered teams, player1+player2 and player3+player4

  3. we are all logged on as team Bridge forever club team no. 27. cannot find where the teams will send invitations and where we should be. we are all logged in now. thanks urgent

  4. what is wrong with the rainbow tournament?
    The 4 designated players were online at start of 1st session, and now you write, that we were not. so we lost the match
    Our player NikosV, uppon asking why we did not start play on first round, received a message from you (Diana Today BBO TD), stating that we won first round because opponents did not show.
    So, please let us know, if we are still in the game

    1. Hi Alikit, I posted the errors we saw when the matches were created. We tried for 20 minutes, then stopped, and assigned penalties. One of your players was not online when we attempted to start the round (and we attempted many times).

      You can still play Round 2, assuming your team is present!

  5. what is going on??? we were waiting and waiting, not a word from anyone. i sent several messages to BBOTD but she ignored me completely. Capitan of the SKY team told me what was going on and at the end of the round one it says that we won and they lost !!! we didn’t play at all.

  6. Why Terminators were penaltied. It’s not fair. We had 5 people online Szerchan, obiad2, adasko_t, jcvandamme, Anzelmoa.

  7. Team stelios kozis: We were registered, we were online, we did not play first round, we were informed that our opps did not show, then we saw that we lost the match because we were not online! We dont knowif we play round 2. What is really happening here????

  8. this is outrageous…not that we are just waiting, no one is informing us about anything…so many messages i’ ve sent to dir, no reply…

  9. This is beyond being ridiculous! Not sure other teams, our team sitting here for more than one hours, 15 min priori to 9:45am game, game never started, organizer doesn’t announce anything. What’s going on??? Can organizer please just give a line of explanation and what we should do?

  10. Oh dear loads of stuff to work on….Information was poor & I am sure frustrating to organisers for being bombarded by people with . That needed answers…Being on line in time with the knowledge that it is automated & u will be placed in a seat..Important to know When the next round will be played ie the state of play 10mins after or 30min break..change to SUB was not entirely understood…We waited on line for over an Hour in ignorance
    Emily Tm93

  11. This did not work well. I waited for a long time online, told organizers were having trouble getting all the teams seated. So first round did not work out. Then second round did not work out, also after a long wait. This was not fun.

  12. Our friends on Team Phyllis Coehlo are confused, they have not had a match yet after round 2, and have been staring at a blank screen for over 3 hours. I see they won by default round 1, but no updates after that. Emails not being sent to team captain either.

  13. This is hopeless. Our opponents defaulted first round. Not sure what went wrong with the second round, but no indication from the (dis)organizers. We may play 3rd round. The message board still says that round 1 is playing.

  14. This event is horribly run – we could not play the 2nd match because
    one of our teammates loss the internet and could not get on and when he did no one replied to our texts.
    We were ready to play the 3rd round and we were not admitted to play. What is going on? A hopeless demonstration of incompetence.
    Truly a terribly run event

  15. Really a bad organization by BBO. Intentions are very good, but application is quite poor. Our team was unable to play in the 2nd match, although all our players were ready. And I see that our captain’s name was indicated as offline at 2nd match, although he was not included in the 2nd match’s line-up. Probably another system error (and hopefully which will not cost us 12 VP) ? Lots of waiting tonight………

  16. It would be very helpful to have a team option where the team name is entered like private communication. That would allow all team members to communicate before and after the rounds. Just an idea.

  17. This whole tournament should be cancelled and restarted. It is TOTALLY unfair to those of us who were here waiting and never got put into Round 2 and now aren’t in Round 3 either. BBO you can’t do this to people and not expect push back..

  18. We totally agreed that it is not fair for the teams who have waited and never got chance to play. Also, the organizers of this match should be banned from organizing this level of team games until they got fully trained!

  19. If you are in charge of this, you need to know that it is REALLY horrible when we show up at 8 AM PDT to play and we get to play one round and then get screwed out of round 2 (even though we were all there ready to play) and now out of round 3. You should CHARGE A FEE and then make sure you have the right people to run it so that it doesn’t get screwed up. I would be happy to pay for the game if it ran right. Wasting 5 hours of my time on Saturday does not make me fonder of BBO. 🙁

    We should be given the same score we got in Round 1 for Round 2 since we didn’t have an opportunity to play for it.. Or you should open up the Sunday game to 64 or even all 128 teams left and move the finals to Monday evening or something like that.

    Sorry, I am just frustrated and you guys need to say something about why it happened and how you plan to compensate..


    Jon Rosen (bleurose51)

  20. Your scoring on your website is screwy. For starters you rank two teams with negative IMPS in first and second place. Then you rank Team Hendrick, my team in 102nd place with only 15 IMPS, our score in round 2, when we also scored 12 IMPS in round one when the other team forfeited. We should have 27 total Imps, putting us around 20th place if your other scores are even close to accurate.

  21. Why wasn’t my team seated for round 2? Director replied there was technical issues and we sat for 45 minutes and never heard a word. Why?

  22. My team is 6 person,(1over1)
    I was email to bbotd7 to change couple,affter round 1 done,
    Xaadr123 offline is wright.
    Couse change with me and my partner,
    May next tournament better.

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