Sunday KOs: BBO Rainbow Teams Tournament

Brackets and results

Link to team match results.

Update: Team Loukas and Team Meridian tied in R32. 2 boards playoff won by Loukas.

After a bumpy qualification phase where we got to test not only our teams automation skills, but also our players’ patience, Habemus Finalistii!

Round of 32 starts on Sunday, and here are the teams that managed to move forward. Team captains, please watch your inbox for further instructions.

Click here for the Rainbow Teams Tournament page.

Nr. Team Round1 Round 2 Total
1 ICC Bridge Club 32 52 84
2 biggerclub 49 34 83
3 Team BulPort 40 34 74
4 Team SIRINYER SPOR 58 12 70
5 Terminators 12 56 68
6 Team Bomber 35 26 61
7 Team Tonmoy’s 4 -12 72 60
8 Team Meridian 47 12 59
9 Legionowianin 10 41 51
10 Team Frayne 45 6 51
11 Team Jim Fox 28 21 49
12 Team Chris Cowan 12 35 47
13 Team Supercond 27 20 47
14 VFJ SPORTS CLUB 34 12 46
15 Team Chile 43 1 44
16 Tormenta 32 12 44
17 ABTU2020 -2 45 43
18 Team Sarasota 17 23 40
19 Team Stelios Kozis -12 51 39
20 Dump Trump 25 13 38
21 Team Aroon Birla 26 12 38
22 BIDDERS 23 12 35
23 Team Linda Green 23 12 35
24 Team David Zapatka 7 27 34
25 Team Loukas 26 7 33
26 Misfit Heroes 37 -5 32
27 Team Belau 8 23 31
28 Team Rajasekhar 12 18 30
29 Team Netar Khanna 35 -6 29
30 101BCB 48 -20 28
31 BriMex 9 19 28
32 Team Hendrick 12 15 27
33 Sonny’s Team 12 15 27
34 Team Ying Wang 0 25 25


Sunday October 11

New York Time (US Eastern) Paris Time (Central Europe)
Round Start End Start End # of boards
32 KO 11:00 AM 12:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:00 PM 8
16 KO 12:30 PM 1:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:30 PM 8
8 KO 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 8:00 PM 9:00 PM 8
Semifinal 3:15 PM 4:15 PM 9:15 PM 10:15 PM 8
Final/playoff 4:30 PM 6:30 PM 10:30 PM 12:30 AM 16/12


  • Sunday, October 11.
    • Round of 32 with 8-board KO matches until the Finals.
    • In the Finals, teams will play one 16 boards match.


  1. This is totally unfair. Our team captain had informed BBO via email which players (along with the substitutes) would play on each round but BBO picked on all 3 rounds the 4 basic players. As a result, we were excluded both on round 2 and 3 which was totally NOT our fault. I don’t understand why we should be left out when this was BBO’s fault alone.

  2. I agree, we only played one game and basically waited around mat of the day for two others. We won the one round we played, but are penalized for the other team not showing up. This is very disappointing in how things were communicated, run, and penalized when someone forfeits. Feel cheated and mistreated. Sad.

  3. Not all works perfectly the first time I thought it was great and look forward to further such events Thanks Diana for all the thoughtful work

  4. As an idea it is exciting. BUT it is obvious that there is NOT yet the technical possibilities for such a huge event. Many things to take into consideration for the next time.
    1. Start with GROUPES of teams (60 max to each group). You could create 3 groupes of 60 teams and choose the 10 (or 11) best from each team
    2. Ask from the beginning from the captains the exact program of subtitutes. OR LEAVE THEM ALONE TO CHOSE among them each round.
    3. What exactly are the guaranties that the 2 partners doesnt communicate during the game???
    Anyway we will support you next time. You are one of the few hopes we have to play big games during Convid periode and we must thank you for your efforts

  5. We appreciated the efforts by BBO in trying to pilot a successful tournament with so many teams. Although there were many difficulties and set-backs on Saturday, there is no doubt that the BBO team will get together and figure out the pitfalls and take all necessary corrective actions. My partner and I (who together have under 1000 logins on BBO) were paired on the first round with players who individually had 5000+ logins on BBO and we thought the pairing was extremely poorly matched. We would not be inclined in the future to encourage others to participate if this is how teams in the future will be paired,
    had over jhateam that had lower level players were

    1. I agree that the event wasn’t well implemented. However, just to one point you stated, in open team games that are seeded, the weakest team is always paired in the first round with the strongest team, and the second weakest with the second strongest, etc. This is intentional. I do not know how they seeded this event (or chose the teams) but we were in the middle and were paired with another “middle” team in our first round.

  6. Very disappointing tournament. We certainly recognize & appreciate the importance of the BBO during this ongoing Covid-19 period. However, do you think that organizing a free tournament gives you an authorization to do such a terrible work? Lots of teams were unable to play in the 2nd round, due to BBO’s mistake about line-ups & other tech issues. Now, as if nothing happened, you are advancing to the knock outs, with somehow randomly selected 32 teams. If this was an “experimental” tournament, why didn’t you tell us before the event? Perhaps some of us would choose not to participate in these “experimental” stuff. Players of our team, and a lot of other players, waited about 2.5 hours online in vain, after the 1st round. I invite all disappointed players to send their comments to the BBO with an e-mail or from here. And I kindly invite all organizers of this event, to apologize from players whom waited a lot, for nothing, during yesterday.

  7. Surely with so few rounds to qualify, knock out is best? Why should a team playing and winning their matches not qualify whilst teams losing one or not playing one – proceed? Giving 12 for a non play is another silliness without VPs?

  8. Thank you all for taking part in the Rainbow Teams. Many aspects could have been handled better.

    We have been reading all the comments here in the various news articles, and emails and messages from players and team captains. We will do our best to ensure better communication next time.

    After this event ends our team will carefully examine all the incidents and prepare scalable solutions for the next big tournaments.

    Please accept our apologies for the less than optimal logistics of the tournament. We’ll try again, and hope to se you at our next trials.

  9. What a CLUSTER ______________! Teams with only 1 rd played are in and those of us who wasted a whole day are out in the cold. We won both matches. Please inform me the next time is the next teams event is experimental and if Diana has anything to do with it because we will NOT be participating. This is a slap in the face to those teams who were there and ready to play. What was the criteria for making the selections for the finals???? Will we ever know. So because this was “free”, you get to treat us any old way?
    Perry Poole

  10. Not being able to chat with all your teammates at the same time, while waiting for over 2 hours on line was inexcusable. You should be able to enter your team name in the private chat. The communication from the tournament chair was the worst. Not letting anyone know anything for the longest time. Just awful!

  11. I agree with all the comments that this tournament was a disaster in many ways. One of the worst was lack of communications, with only a couple of messages to the players. Apparently there were some emails sent, but who leaves their computer to check emails when expecting to be seated any second? On the version of BBO (Ver 1) I am using, opening another browser screen logs me out of BBO so I am disconnected and our team could be disqualified.
    Another huge problem is with players getting disconnected for unknown reasons. This seems to be a BBO problem for many people, not an internet or computer settings problem. My regular partner running Windows 7 Home Edition and V3 of BBO gets disconnected up to 20 times per day in the middle of bidding or playing the hand. There is no indication of the problem other than the appearance of other players not bidding or playing a card. She must log out and log back in to continue playing. This is seldom a problem for me. If others are experiencing a similar problem that is not with their internet connection, please let BBO know, since it appears to be a bug in their software. I also run Windows 7 and V3 BBO software on another computer and seldom have disconnects. Some type of indicator on the BBO screen to let the player know they are connected or disconnected would be a nice feature.

    It was totally unfair to those players who did not get to play through no fault of their own, but the same thing happens in regular pairs games, especially speedball, when hands are not completed within the allowed time due to slow play by one or more players.

  12. With about 20 teams not showing up, how can it be difficult to let the teams actually showing up meet each other.
    Our 1. match gave 12 for a Bye, in our second match we won by 15, after about 6 or 7 substitutions.
    You could argue that we should get 15 for the bye too, as it was not our fault. But 27 was just enough for place no. 32, but a toss of a coin decided we should not play today, but given the lack of organization it does not feel that terrible.

    I hope the best team may win. I total we used about 8 hours and got to play 9 boards, I have not seen worse since the beginning of online bridge

  13. Our team won our first match, then all faithfully remained online for 3.5 hours but were never invited for round 2, then informed round 3 was cancelled. My teammates were new to team play and thoroughly disillusioned about how this could happen, wasting half of their day, asking me what was going on but I had received no information to give them. OK, we were not only team not given a chance to play. I thought you might, out of consideration for those people who followed the rules but not allowed to play, to have a consolation tournament only for those people. I think it might restore our faith in your respect for our time. Please consider this option.

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