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(New one!) EBU Tournaments every day

Every day, at 7:30 (new!) and 11am (relaxed game for novice intermediate players), Noon (fast game), 2pm, 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 9pm

As of March 2020, the English Bridge Union (EBU) has started offering tournaments on BBO allowing EBU members to earn EBU master points.

What: Pairs, 12 boards, machpoints
When: Every day at noon, 2pm, 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 9pm
Awards: EBU master points and BBO points
Entry fee: 2 BB$
Limits: Open to all

How to find these tournaments:


The tournaments will be listed and open for registration 2 hours before start time.

Have fun playing!


49 responses to “(New one!) EBU Tournaments every day”

  1. paulie12

    Well done EBU. I played last night and enjoyed it. A bit slow at the moment but I’m sure that will improve as everyone gets used to playing on-line. I wonder if we’ll all go back to club bridge when this is over?

    1. Anonymous

      Go back to your club.No club no more bridge(dont forget the begeners for instence)

    2. Bea Gira

      No puedo entrar para jugar un torneo

  2. HLA1

    do you play individually or do i assume i have to find a partner?

    can this be done on line?

    1. Anonymous

      Ok pour moi

  3. kfthirteen

    What is a BB$?

    Is it 2 halves each day?

    1. Anonymous

      Still waiting for an answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stew12345

    Congratulations on making progress so fast – hope to play soon though not sure how to pay the entry fee.

    1. tonyuk

      BB$ are bridge Baseonline dollars. You purchase these when you log onto BBO on first screen.
      It costs 1 dollar for every time you play these tourneys.
      I shall be trying to play tomorrow(Friday) on the 2 pm one. Need to log in half hour before to register.


        As from tomoro $1.50, see EBU NOTES

  5. annb4

    BB$ have to be purchased from BBO using Paypal or a card

    1. tonyuk

      BB$ are bridge Baseonline dollars. You purchase these when you log onto BBO on first screen.
      It costs 1 dollar for every time you play these tourneys.
      I shall be trying to play tomorrow(Friday) on the 2 pm one. Need to log in half hour before to register.

  6. Chris

    Do you need a partner?

  7. Anonymous

    How much does it cost in British pounds please?

  8. jbrown4

    I have followed your instructions but when I search for EBU nothing comes up. I’m obviously doing something wrong but cannot work it out. Anyone else with the same difficulty?

    1. Diana

      The games are listed and open for registrations two hours before start time. If you searched earlier they were probably not posted yet.

      1. tonyuk

        EBU tournamonts will nit appear until the time scheduled. Usually 2 hours befiore they are due to start you can register to play

    2. IOM78

      I am having the same problems. Just want to kibitz at the moment to see ow it all works. Will try again and then give up

      1. Anonymous

        you cannot kibbitz

  9. SteveJH

    Great session on Tuesday evening. Looking forward to tonight.

  10. shmib

    Well done Gordon Rainsford and the EBU. How necessary was this initiative for all us addicts? Brilliant!

  11. Redseat

    I played for the first time yesterday, alerting etc took a bit of getting used to, I know it is possible to create a conv card but unsure how to have this viewable by opponents or indeed how I could look at their card, there was not much time for asking questions etc

  12. Redseat

    Is it possible to see your results after closed, I could not find the comp in closed tournaments after I had left

  13. Redseat

    I found an answer to my own question, results can be viewed in history table at login

  14. DavidD1951

    I went to the Partnership room before 3pm, but didn’t get allocated a partner. A wast of 45 minutes.

    1. thawp66

      David, since you were willing to wait 45 minutes to get a partner, you’re probably not too choosy. If that’s true, you might consider registering as a substitute immediately after it starts. There are often a few no shows at the start and TD’s appreciate having subs then. There are some disadvantages, but it’s something to consider.

      1. DavidD1951

        Thanks for that. I may give that a go. I have a regular partner who also registered in the last couple of days, but he’s not available for a few days. I thought i would get some practice in first.

  15. njwhite46

    How do you arrange to play with a specific partner?

    1. DavidD1951

      Click on the Tournament you want to play in. A dialog box opens telling you the entry fee and how long to the start. Enter your partner’s alias and confirm whether you are paying for both or just yourself. See you in there.

  16. J of Spade

    How do you buy BB$ , when on your iPad .
    There is a shop basket button.I click on this but nothing happened!
    Thanking You J of Spade

  17. Undigala

    can you list the times in EST as well please ?

  18. DavidD1951

    Can anyone tell me where to find the Convention Cards? I want to fill one in, and also see what my opponents are doing.

  19. J of Spade

    To DavidD1951, Go to your account and you will see conventions at the top.
    Just click on that and pick your choice.

  20. Bladud

    Are the EBU 12 board tournaments at 14:00 & 15:30 (and again at 19:30 and 21:00) scored independently? I was under the impression we were trying to replicate a 24 board club evening with a mid-session break?

  21. Anonymous

    unable to locate club acbl tournaments

  22. Inspirenza

    To follow up on what DavidD1951 said about playing with a specific partner, is it the case that naming a specific partner will automatically bring them into the game, or do they have to sign up separately? (Presumably the latter is the case, as both players need to pay?) Also, what does it mean about playing “for both” or “just yourself”.

    1. DavidD1951

      They have to be logged in. If you have bought, say, $20 you can pay the entry fee for both you and you partner. I have to pay a foreign currency fee, so it cost every time I buy. One partner can pay until all their money is gone, then the other partner can buy some.

    2. tonyuk

      yiou can pay for your partner or just invite them and let tyhem pay when they accept yourt invite

  23. gloster2

    After registering I presume you and partner have to be logged in at the start time. What do you see so you know the event as started?

    1. DavidD1951

      You get confirmation that you have entered the tournament, then at the appropriate start time the first deal appears. Magic!

  24. peterhead

    Can you kibitz

  25. Anonymous

    How do the matchpoints work when you haven’t registered your EBU number?

  26. C_A_L

    And don’t forget you can partner a BBO Robot for an extra 25 cents. These play a 2/1 system and have a convention card you can read first, plus, by highlighting their bid with your curser, it will show what the bid means and also your bid too.

    But read the system card first ( found in the robot area and also the convention card area ) as doubling the opp’s 4 spade or heart bid, can be for takeout and you end up in a 5 something contract.

    And the horrible memory’s come flooding back………….

  27. Ansell

    Can the robot have the conventions it plays altered? I plays 5-card majors and a strong NT, whilst I play the usual weak NT. It does play its hands well, not forgetting where the cads are.

  28. fantana

    Really good idea. Takes a while to get used to it. I spent a while clicking on cards that my partner was playing. 🙂 I can see myself playing every day soon! (providing I can get away with it) 😉

    1) Convention cards. Can’t seem to upload your own, have to use a non-EBU format.
    2) Not sure how you get Master Points to your EBU account.
    3) No MP % given for a board ( maybe a good thing 🙂 )

    But other than that, Thanks a lot EBU!

  29. wxy124

    Hi I went on line as you suggested a couple of hours before the 7:30 tournament and registered with my BBo user name and also my partner
    it went yellow indicating registered and we both stayed on line but playing solitar thinking it would take us to the tournament when it starts. Sadly
    soon after 7:30 we checked and it started without us. Have I done something wrong? have they taken the money?
    We are planing to play today at 2:00 pm would appreciate your advise

  30. BrianG18

    How do I associate my EBU number with my account?

  31. ottewep

    where are one’s matchpoints shown after each tourney?

  32. Hatchets

    How do I attach my EBU number?