Questions About Bridge & Cats Answered

Keyboard cat

Even though this is a page predominantly about bridge, I would like to take a moment to relate the subject to cats.

If you aren’t a fan of cats, then there might be something in the BBO archive you would like to read instead. It’s okay, I guess, to decide that you prefer Peanuts to Garfield.

If you own any cats, I would guess that you already have questions about bridge and your pets.

Cats do what they like, but there are reasons for most of the things you will see your cat get up to. As a cat owner, I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff (and I’ve also had to call the vet just to to hear that their behaviour doesn’t mean they’re insane).

Here are some questions about bridge and cats answered.

Why Do My Cats Lie At My Feet When I Play Bridge?

Answering this question is as simple as love. Cats love their owners, and they appreciate the times when their owner is sitting still for long enough to spend time with.

Some breeds are more inclined to do this (for example, Siamese and Ragdoll cats especially), although most cat owners report the same.

At colder times, cats will also do it for warmth.

Who doesn’t love a cuddling cat?

Why Do My Cats Attack My Bridge Partner?

Cats are protective over their pack by nature. As their owner, you are the first and last of their pack. Your bridge partner, well, not so much…

Even if you share a house with someone, your cat might decide that they should be closer to you than your housemate, bridge partner, or lover.

Good luck.

Catnip will help.

Why Do My Cats Eat My Card Deck?

Cats, especially younger ones, love tactile things.

Most cats like to bite or chew at various things. Individuality will let them decide what things they prefer.

Some cats love shoes, others develop a stressful preference for the soft bits of electrical wire, while some might love cards.

Sorry about that. Learn to hide your cards further away from your pets.

Why Are My Cats Bidding On BBO?

Cats can develop what seems like an obsession with their owners’ smartphone just because they notice activity on the screen.

While cats aren’t always sure what we’re doing, they might attempt to poke or touch the screen in an attempt to mimic what you are doing.

It’s cute, but it can also lead to misclicks and bids so bad they can’t be explained without blaming your cat.

I’m not sure I have a solution to this yet. I’ve had cats turn the sound off, flip the desktop upside down, and activate a “sleep mode” setting that lasted for four days.

Why Are My Cast Behaving Badly When I Play Bridge?

Cats who notice that their owners are distracted will often compete against whatever for your attention.

If your cats are climbing curtains or knocking things over while you’re in the middle of a bridge game, just take a moment to notice them between tricks (and engage them with more autonomous cat toys for busier breeds).

They’ll get the idea.