Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #8

Dear BBOers, have a go at trying to solve these bridge problems. Depending on your answer you’ll score between 0 to 5 points per question. Your overall score will be displayed, along with the correct answers once you’ve complete the quiz. Good luck!

[watupro 28]

26 thoughts on “Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #8

  1. As I am a biginner, I am not quite sure how the corrct answers are the actual bid

  2. #1 I still like 4N because I can correct to diamonds. Holding both red kings, I’ll get an ace count and knowing about the QH doesn’t hurt because I have the QD. I’m not expert enough for minorwood and the 4th suit forcing might be only to the 4-level, so 4D might be passed.

    1. never—bidding 4 diamonds is always forcing whatever system you play and I will bid again over any bid partner makes except 5 diamonds

  3. Reenforces the need to pause at trick 1 and plan the play. Look at the options and decide which is most likely to succeed. Mike

  4. This is the first time I am taking this test. I will take the test again soon when my mind is fresh. I just played 20 boards and I am a little tired.


  5. For board 3 I think at imps the answer is correct
    At mp the question is whether U want to set the contract or prevent giving away a trick so the answer is not that obvious

    1. At matchpoints best is signal positive attitude in diamonds. You intend to duck first round of hearts unless declarer leads 10H. Now with AJx, xx, Kxx, A10xxx declarer probably runs c lubs then repeats the heart finesse going down 1 despite you missing the killer 10S shift that hand! Do not defend like that playing IMPs. 😜

  6. On Hand 4, Opener can have 4 card ♤ if they are playing Checkback. Also, in Pairs it is important to limit OTs hence I’ll still pay 8◇ on the lead of Q◇

  7. Wonderful explanation makes you fall deeper in love with the game. Only need guidance on how to bid & play like this

  8. tak niewiele potrzeba do 6h lub 7h – 4c cuebid, spodziewam się układu 4441. Wartości 3 d/h/s.

  9. Anch’io solo 1/4, ma ho trovato la lezione interessante anche se impegnativa.

  10. sambhu333
    excellent study material to improve your standard. Please provide more testing materials regularly.

  11. Thank you. Sorry I missed Quiz 1-7. Very helpful. I thought these were the monthly Prime quizzes in which members got explanations.

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