The BBO Bidding Challenge Forum, on Sunday, June 13

Join Marc Smith live on Sunday June 13 in the Prime Bridge Club for the Bidders Challenge May debrief

Whether or not you’ve been taking part in the bidders challenge, this debrief will give you real insight into bidding as seen through the eyes of the man behind the Bidders Challenge, Marc Smith. The debrief will be taking part in the BBO Prime Bridge club.

Live Debrief Details

When: Sunday June 13, at 8pm Paris time, 7pm UK, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.
Where: BBO Bridge Club
Who: Restricted to BBO Prime Members

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How to join the debrief

Want to join? Excellent! Follow these steps:

1 – Login to BBO a few minutes before the lesson starts

2 – Click on BBO Prime

3 – Click on the “Prime Bridge Club”, look for the host MarcSmith and join his table!

Or just search for MarcSmith and join his table!

About the BBO Prime Bidders Challenge

The challenge features a series of eight bidding problems. You answer the problems and send in your answers. If you’re a member of BBO Prime you’ll be able to compare your answers with those of the expert panel at the end of the month.

Regardless of whether you’re a member of BBO Prime, your answers could win you the monthly prize. One month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 50 BB$. On top of this there’ll be an annual winner who’ll win 3 months BBO Prime along with 200 BB$. To add more excitement we’ll be picking one person at random who’ll win 3 months access to BBO Prime.

Find out all the details of the BBO Bidders Challenge here