Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #10

Dear BBOers, have a go at trying to solve these bridge problems. Depending on your answer you’ll score between 0 to 5 points per question. Your overall score will be displayed, along with the correct answers once you’ve complete the quiz. Good luck!

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65 thoughts on “Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #10

  1. Excellent Quiz. Great practice and then time to consume the correct answers and explanations!

  2. Rich Marchione ACBL Certified Director, ACBL teacher, ABTA member, author and GNYBA Board Member says:

    On problem 3 it would be nice to mention the lead convention the defense plays. Declarer bidding on with three losing hearts seems a little unlikely as it makes who has the singleton a 50-50 proposition between declarer’s partner and the premature balancer’s partner. I expected declarer to be 6-1-3-3 or so and therefore a heart return wasn’t going to work. If partner’s presumed six points or so include the Kx of spades, I would expect to win a the first heart, partner’s natural spade winner, then a diamond ruff by me, then a heart ruff by partner. Seems reasonable?

    1. Not reasonable. If a Spade is played at trick 2, Declarer would win the Spade Ace, Club Ace, Club ruff, Heart ruff, Club ruff, Heart ruff and give up a Spade. Declarer makes 3 Spade tricks, 2 Heart ruffs, 2 Club ruffs, Club Ace and Diamond Ace for 9 tricks. If a Club is returned at trick two the result is no different.

      1. So, taking Rich’s assumption that Declarer is 6133, you cannot defeat the contract. If West holds the Club Ace, West cannot have the Spade King and a Diamond honor, and the contract makes on a different line. The lesson is: don’t take unnecessary (and dangerous) finesses.

  3. Complicated for beginners…would be nice to have several levels of quizes…

  4. I liked the quiz and your explanations made me see where i went wrong. I only got 2 out of 4, but contemplated the correct answer on the ones i got wrong.. Thanks

  5. Was not aware of your lead convection for this question. Otherwise I would have returned a heart. Sure wish your robots used better signal routines.

  6. This was an interesting quiz. Although I did not do well, I found that I had at least considered the answers that were correct. Your explanations helped me to learn.

  7. I would like to receive this quiz. My partner sent it to me. Thank you juju4

  8. excellent exercise!
    agree with the comment reg. Q3. without the carding info, it’s impossible to arrive to the right answer.

  9. On Hand 1, North’s hand could easily be KJ of diamonds, in which case 3NT is a good contract, requiring either the DQ onside or the DA onside and the Diamonds 2/2. Certainly, Vulnerable at Teams, I would want to be in 3NT, but even at Pairs, it seems to me to be a reasonable shot for a Top or Bottom!!

  10. excellent quiz. Q3, how could I return the Aof H?.Delarer plays the 9 by rule( of deceptive play). I am waiting for more to practice.

  11. I got 2 out of 4 right. I really enjoyed your quiz and your explanations have certainly widened my thinking pattern for future games. Thank you so much.

  12. this level of bridge is from another galaxy for me
    I think these quizzes should be more frequent so I (we) can learn more
    Thanks to bbo and Oren

  13. Most educational. I particularly dig the NT game with the caveat that the firt C should be ducked to retain entry. that thought never crossed my mind. Great logic and reasoning

  14. Good & very useful logical explanations, to improve our skiils for better play, provided Partner also understands this and follows !

  15. Thanks….I needed this badly having never had an opportunity to have play explained to me.

  16. Excellent practice, even if I could do much better; would love more of the same, pls. & thx.

  17. jemimaclar
    2 out of 4 thought I would have done better tells me I am not so smart more please.

  18. Another great Oren Lidor quiz. I especially liked this one because I got 3right. 😀

  19. Not bad as a teaching quiz. The hands have fairly clear lesson points. Problem three is somewhat ambiguous, obvious at IMPs or if the carding agreements are clearly known, but somewhat unfair for the relative novice or intermediate level player. Of course at match points you would have some field protection as your opponents are almost certainly underbid if South holds a singleton heart. Of greater interest on that hand though is that East-West are making 4 Clubs suggesting that East might have been better off entering the auction with 2NT (unusual) though not clearly a better bid in theory holding the sixth heart.

  20. Need more of the same…and learned what I already knew…NT is always where I do best…playing or defending.

  21. Loved the quiz and explanations! Don’t want this to turn “political”, but: I was merely confused when you referred to my partner as “them” and “they” — but when you went on to refer to allowing “themselves” to bid…. oy, have we totally surrendered grammar to political correctmess?

  22. problem 2) how can you fail to bid 2S
    2C bidding is already bizarre
    4H partner will always fold only after 2s you can play 6 🙂

  23. On hand 2 the sensible choices are 2S and 4H. I selected 2S, because my hand could hardly be better. Partner should not expect more than a first round control, a second round control and a trump honor. I would have bid 4H with a doubleton diamond. The sample hand for partner is balanced and at the lower end of the range for the auction he has selected. I would expect partner to bid 4H over 2S or, if he felt optimistic, to make one move and then abide by my decision.

  24. “Well, as we agreed to play 2/4 (attitude) leads, then the lowest card means your partner either has honor with 3 or 4 cards, or they led singleton.” When did we agree to that? I thought partner could lead 3 from 3-4-5.

  25. Love the quiz, most informative, a great learning experience; please do it again

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