5 Eye-catching bridge book covers

People always say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

That’s great advice when we’re talking about book covers metaphorically representing people, and it reflects on how you should never judge people based on what you see.

But when it comes to books, that’s exactly what people do.

Book covers matter, and advertising works.

When buying a book, when have you never looked at the title or cover before? Rarely, right?

Here’s a look at 5 eye-catching bridge book covers to add to the shelf or virtual e-book collection this week. (And I assure you, the content of each is just as good.)

#1: The Cardturner

The Cardturner by Louis Sachar first caught my eye when introduced by another bridge player – and it’s enough to get you hooked by just seeing the cover.

A cardturner, if you were wondering, is a person who assists a sight-impaired bridge player by turning (and calling) the cards.

The cover shows a twist around a card deck. That’s exactly what it delivers.

#2: 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know is one of the first books I’ve consistently recommended to bridge newcomers – and a book that I’ve always insisted on keeping within arm’s length today.

It’s a great teacher, and a great reference.

Plus, it’s on this list because the cover really pops out at you. (That’s the whole point.)

#3: Bachelor Bridge

The cover of Bachelor Bridge (first published in 1993) should show why sometimes simplicity is best – and why a simple book cover can also be pretty effective if it strikes the right chord.

The Card King is shown getting frisky.

That, subsequently, told me this was going to be a pretty interesting book.

Which was correct, of course.

#4: Bridge in the Menagerie

Bridge in the Menagerie features a selection of very, very colorful characters. The cover does it justice – and every cover combined with a book by Victor Mollo has done the same for me.

Admire the cover (and remember to read the book!)

Then, follow with the rest in the series for bridge stories like you’ve never seen.

#5: Master of Bridge Psychology

Master of Bridge Psychology is a rare type of book.

It covers the mindset behind bridge from the perspective of one of its best players: Peter Fredin.

It’s a great read for learning about bridge strategy away from simply card strategy – and of course, it’s a great cover, too.

Right into the mind of a bridge player.