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Quiz: Test your bridge skills #15

Dear BBOers, have a go at trying to solve these bridge problems. Depending on your answer you’ll score between 0 to 5 points per question. Your overall score will be displayed, along with the correct answers once you’ve complete the quiz. Good luck!

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25 responses to “Quiz: Test your bridge skills #15”

  1. Anonymous

    Is it possible to get Bridge Bidding and Response training?

  2. Anonymous

    Wld love bidding and response training-obviously i need it desperately:-)

  3. Anonymous

    Problem 4. I am in declare’s hand Inwould lead a small diamond and let it run, opting to make 4 diamond tricks

    1. Anonymous

      then how can you reach 9 tricks?

  4. Anonymous

    Question 1. Not everyone (at least in the UK) plays that FSF at the 2 level is forcing to game. Some play it as forcing for 1 round giving the option to stop short of game with a misfit. I I played FSF as ALWAYS forcing to game, I would agree with the 3H bid but not otherwise.

  5. Anonymous

    To Anonymous: On Problem 4, 4 diamond tricks, plus 2 club tricks, plus 2 spade tricks is only 8 tricks in total. That is why you have to lead the heart, first. You either “steal” the 9th trick, before trying to set up the 4 diamonds, or the defender plays the heart ace immediately, without capturing any of your heart honors. With the latter, you to win 3 high hearts, to go along with the other 3 AK’s.

  6. A . Mandal

    Question 3 &4 is not correctly understood , mention which hand for

  7. Dan LaFar

    Wonderful article. How can I find more?

    1. Anonymous

      want to play with my booboo??
      My Cat
      she keeps hitting the keys

  8. Anonymous

    In problem 1, if you say 4 clubs is a possible bid, why does it get a deduction?

  9. Noona_29

    I ‘ll like to continue practice every week if possible it’s so useful for me tks

  10. Anonymous

    At quiz #1:
    What would North bid with something like A32 KQJ98 K4 10942 after my third 2D bid (1D-1H-1S-2C!-2D-?)? Does his 2H bid always promise a 6-card suit or just a hand that can’t – shouldn’t bid NTs?

  11. Anonymous

    on example 3:
    according to the bidding, P has 3 trumps, but plenty of space in diamonds.
    he also can not hold more then 3-6 pts.
    To make 4 tricks you need
    – either 1H, 2D and 1 trump
    – or 2 trump, 1 H and 1D or 1 C

    since you see 8C you can outrule the Club-trick; it’s unlikely that south holds 3C of the remaning 5, bc he must have 3H (according to your argument)
    in Diamond. The same goes for the diamond trick: if partner shortens in trump, dummy can trump one diamond, the other goes on heart….

    so by elimination the only way to beat the contract is to assume that partner has only one heart and 2 diamond tricks

  12. Maggie Lynn

    //////////////////there was an error in your selected answer. You had already played the A of it was confusing. I agree with the reason for leading to the dummy in order to steak a heart trick from East. Good analysis!

  13. Anonymous

    #4 yes, as pointed out you have already led a diamond to the A So after parking a heart trick, cash the Kd. IF EVERYONE FOLLOWS, then another diamond, else 3 rounds of clubs and pray that suit breaks 3-2.

  14. amy

    Thanks for this great quiz!

  15. Anonymous

    Amazing lesson. Can I get more please.

  16. visahouse

    What prize for all correct answer?

  17. Anonymous

    Very nice. Thanks.

  18. Anonymous

    On board 1 4 clubs is a far better bid than 3 H for good players.

  19. Marilyn Chilcote

    thank you so much! I just at the point where this quiz is exactly what I need and I’m going to start working 2 or 3 of them a week if I can find the rest! You are a jewel!

  20. Quarky

    BBO Quarky here. Got 4/4 right, in large part due to lessons (free lessons) from my old (pardon the double entendre) buddy Steve Conrad, BBO SRConrad. To the Anon poster wanting more lessons, Steve holds nearly daily lessons at 10 AM Eastern, just find SRConrad’s table and join it.

    1. Quarky

      Sorry, correction. His current username is ConradSR, my bad (hard to keep it straight!)

  21. Anonymous

    this is very informative

  22. Anonymous

    I thought I know something, but after this practice, I know almost nothing. Can I practice everyday this type of quiz?