31 thoughts on “Bidders Challenge 2022-1

  1. It says – You’ve already submitted your bids – I haven’t as I haven’t even seen the questions in here yet!
    It says Log In – Firefox won’t open that page and opening it in a new window gives me something called a WordPress login?!
    Is this something to restrict the Challenge to Prime Members only this year?!
    Please put it back to the old format of questions and then answers by email which works!

  2. This is NO GOOD AT ALL you need the questions all upfront together, so you can look at each several times over a period of time to narrow down your choices, before choosing and submitting your answers, Also moving back and to between questions and skipping ones that you’re stuck on and coming back to them later.
    It’s not a quick bidding quiz, where you whizz throught it spending 2 minutes per question in order!
    Please put all the questions together on the first page without logging in or better still put it back as it was, because as it is it is totally unsuitable for purpose!

  3. The form is there so that we can email results through to players at the end of the month. Marc Smith is running the challenge.

  4. Excellent. Thanks for sorting that Paul.
    Perhaps we can have a similar link each month too please?
    Then we can just use the form when we’re finally ready.

  5. Hi, nice your suggestion to print. But I am working on a iPad, so I need a Print-Button. Is this an option ?
    Really nice 8 questions.

    1. Hello Bas – that should be possible. In the meantime have you managed to note down your answers?
      Good to know that you enjoyed the questions.

  6. Thomas BESSIS (France).
    Dennis BILDE (Denmark).
    David BIRD (England).
    Norberto BOCCHI (Italy)
    Sjoert BRINK (Switzerland).
    Sally BROCK (England).
    Gabriel CHAGAS (Brazil).
    Larry COHEN (USA).
    Philippe CRONIER (France).
    Simon DE WIJS (Netherlands).
    Peter FREDIN (Sweden).
    Eric KOKISH (Canada).
    Michal KLUKOSWKI (Switzerland).
    Jessica LARSSON (Sweden).
    Daniel LAVEE (Canada).
    Zia MAHMOOD (USA).
    Karen McCALLUM (USA).
    Brad MOSS (USA).
    Alan MOULD (England).
    Jacek PSZCZOLA “aka PEPSI” (USA).
    Andrew ROBSON (England).
    Brian SENIOR (England).
    Barnet SHENKIN (USA).
    Alan Sontag (USA).
    P.O. SUNDELIN (Sweden).
    Wen Fei WANG (China).
    Martine VERBEEK (Netherlands).
    Jill MEYERS (U.S.A.)
    Janice MOLSON (U.S.A.)
    Paul MARSTON (Australia
    Tim COPE (South Africa).

  7. Hi Paul
    What to do as we made a evident mistake
    Instead of DBL mistakenly clicked impossible bid REDBL
    Will not return to withdraw ? Competition lost ?

    1. Let us know your username. We should be able to delete your entry so you can redo the challenge.

  8. I would like to think it was possible to change my answers – after further reflection – without bothering anyone else to delete my previous answers.

    That may complicate the programming unnecessarily, but it’s just how I feel about it.

    Also, not clear to me how to accomplish the “print a copy for your records” task.

    Tried saving as a pdf – got the open BBO page, but the bidding challenge inset was blank.

    I’m not clear on how one can get the “full view” of the inset window, under any circumstances…

  9. I’ve completed it on an IPad so can’t print off my answers. Much better to have the “correct” results already prepared so you see how you’ve done immediately.

  10. it was great to participate. excellent questions for bidding. how will we get answers. will we get it by email ? pl let a notification comes when answers are ready so we can check.
    would it be possible to send answers at email id of all participants

  11. By mistake I have double my Partner call of 4S which should have been rejected as i cant double my Partners call.I wanted to bid 5D.Can you correct my mistake please.

  12. I would like to change one of my answers. Can you make that possible please? I’ve tried to “re-enter” the system to do so, but as it knows I’ve already entered the contest it won’t let me in.

  13. Hello, I registered and answered one question and now cannot access any others. I have not registered under any other name. I am under the impression that there were to be multiple questions. Can you clarify please? If there are additional questions, how may I access them to continue? Thank you.

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