BBO Prime bidders challenge: results and winners – January

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-01

A brand new annual competition starts here, so this month’s top scorers are also the frontrunners in the early stages of that contest. This month’s winner, with a score of 76/80 on what turned out to be a difficult set, is:

Douglas Schmickrath (BBO: P0STM0RTEM) from Los Altos Hills CA, USA

Douglas learned bridge about 25 years ago by studying books before ever making it to a club game. Having always been a math guy with a penchant for puzzle solving, he still takes lessons regularly including from yours truly (MarcSmith) and Steve Conrad (ConradSR). He has historically played 2/1, although he has become quite fond of Oliver Clarke Precision (OCP), which he found through his involvement with the BBO Intermediate/Advanced Club (IAC). He recommends them all!

Also on the January ‘Roll of Honour’:

With a score of 75/80:

Paul Dubois (BBO: pottsca) from El Cajon CA, USA

Paul saw fellow math students at Berkeley in 1962 flunk out by playing bridge all day, so he avoided it until he retired as a computational scientist in 2005. He now writes books for intermediate players that he offers for free at

And, in joint third place, with a score of 73/80:

Radu Popescu (BBO: Radu120) from Bucharest, Romania and

Borislav Dobroykov (BBO: b_dobroyko) from Drogheda, County Meath, Ireland.

Congratulations to everyone who made it onto this month’s honors’ board with a score of at least 60/80:

72/80:Alexander Cook (BBO: spade7) from Sydney NSW, Australia and
Peter Law (bbo: petelaw) from Broadstairs, Kent, England
71/80:David Williams (BBO: dave251164) from Wales and
James Sampson (BBO: jtsamp1) from Lake Worth TX, USA
70/80: Luwen Koh (BBO: XReborned) from Singapore,
Patrick Shields (BBO: patr1cks) from Cheltenham, England,
Nalita Chintong (BBO: 0_Moriarty) from Bangkok, Thailand and
Manuel Vasques de Oliveira (BBO: m oliveira) from Livramento, Estoril, Portugal
69/80:Zhengming Gao (BBO: ty001) from Beijing, China,
Brian Wyman (BBO: wyman ) from Las Vegas NV, USA,
Capri Bucci (BBO: atp13) from Rome, Italy, now Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
John Rayner (BBO: rayndear) from Toronto ONT, Canada and
Jukka Moilanen (BBO: jukmoi) from Helsinki, Finland
68/80:Rolf Schreuder (BBO: dommedummy) from Amstelveen, The Netherlands,
Phillip Shoemaker (BBO: phils71) from Fairfield ??, USA
Peter Wilson (BBO: chinapete) from Methven, New Zealand and
Allan J Roderiques (BBO: arod48) Leesburg ??, USA
67/80:Hans Baas (BBO: myxxin) from Zwolle, The Netherlands,
Onno Eskes (bbo: Onno) from Leiden, The Netherlands,
Babs Giesbrecht (BBO: bABsG) from Qualicum Beach BC, Canada,
Harold Baba (BBO: ichiban2) from Markham ONT, Canada,
Mark Clennett (BBO: MarkBur) from Burlington ONT, Canada,
Chris Wiggins (BBO: cwiggins) from Bloomfield Township MI, U.S.A,
Alex Dialynas (BBO: adial) from Heraklio, Greece,
Dean Eidler (BBO: dean) from Dunedin, New Zealand and
Anne-Sybil Bragadir (BBO: asb10) from Lausanne, Switzerland
66/80:Dorin Costin (bbo: tudicool) from Vancouver BC, Canada,
Francois Duffour (BBO: toutmo) from Paris, France,
Mesut Tekin (BBO: kurnazz) from Turkey,
Laura Mancici (BBO: 801dna) from Paris, France and
Yotam Peikin (BBO: yotam_pk) from Tel Aviv, Israel
65/80:Qi Zheng (BBO: DannyZheng) from New York NY, USA,
Enrique G. de Oteyza (BBO: ego1946) from Spain,
Jeffrey Ehrlich (BBO: jhfe) from Plainview NY, USA,
Paul Gipson (BBO: paulg) from Duns, Scotland,
Josh Sinnett (BBO: oshoj) from Bellingham WA, USA,
Va Ena (BBO: fachiru) from Bloomfield MI, USA,
Brad Theurer (BBO: batmanbrad) from Gaithersburg MD, USA and
Guy Cambournac (BBO: cambour) from Casablanca, Morocco
64/80:Benjamin Bomber (BBO: soccertoo) from Portland OR, USA,
Langis Sirois (BBO: langiss) from Ottawa ONT, Canada,
Maqbool Mahmood (BBO: MontyMMM) from Karachi, Pakistan,
Bert Toar Polii (BBO: Bert_Polii) from Indonesia,
Thibault Wolf (BBO: thwolf) from Issy les Moulineaux, France,
Aditi Jhaveri (BBO: ads127) from Mumbai, India,
Kevin Wu (BBO: kevinwu777) from Taipei, Taiwan,
Rishabh Singh (BBO: rishabh) from San Jose CA, USA and
Moeen Mahmood (BBO: mmahmood) from London, England
63/80:Richard Lawson (BBO: Sterman) from Plymouth MN, USA,
Paul Sontag (BBO: pgs58) from Mayne Island BC, Canada,
Yurong (BBO: yurong6) from China,
Dincer Cagci (BBO: dincer54) from Sakarya-Adapazari, Turkey,
Bruce Greenspan (BBO: ziatoo) from Estero FL, USA,
Kepecs Gabor (BBO: gabor51954) from Budapest, Hungary,
Dag Osvald Loe (BBO: loe58) from Kirkenes, Norway,
Gang Zhao (BBO: david_zhao) from Phoenix AZ, USA,
Evgenii Kupriianov (bbo: neglinka) from Moscow, Russia and
Muriel Flood (bbo: murabel1) from Saint John North NB, Canada
62/80Bill Papa (BBO: sofos) from Upland CA, USA,
Randy Howard (BBO: howardrl1) from Baldwin Park CA, USA,
Steven DeVico (bbo: sdevico) from Hendersonville NC, USA,
Brahmaiah Jarugumilli (BBO: jbjim) from Oklahoma City OK, USA,
Walter Morgan (BBO: walt215) from Warwick, England,
Jarek Langer (BBO: jarek444) from Austin TX, USA,
Juliano Barbosa (BBO: JBarbosa) from Seixal, Portugal,
Gail Patricia Humphrey (BBO: glass58) from Verdun QU, Canada,
Kenneth Flicker (BBO: kenflicker) from Palmetto Bay FL, USA,
Rewinski Matthew (BBO: mrew) from Hampton Bays NY, USA,
Orhan Casur (BBO: orhan_aga) Istanbul, Turkey,
Alexandre Danilevsky (BBO: danilevsky) from St. Petersburg, Russia,
Alison Talbot (BBO: eetype) from Melbourne VIC, Australia and
Harry Gellis (BBO:harrgellis) from Midlothian VA, USA
61/80Milko Slavov (BBO: milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria,
Shahar Zack (BBO: shaharz) from Kiryat Motzkin, Israel,
Johanne Powell (BBO: jopow) from Wexford, Ireland,
Kathrine Loh (BBO: nicnat) from Walnut Creek CA, USA,
Levent Dinçel (BBO: twixxx) from Istanbul, Turkey,
Thanassis Akylas (BBO: aakylas) from Greece,
David W Pegasus (BBO: Lemondrop6) from Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico,
Dariusz Zmuda (BBO: felek36) from Kotowice, Poland,
Prashanth K (BBO: prashanthk) from Hyderabad, India and
Arun Ravi Suri (BBO: Mitthu)_from Sutton, England
60/80Eugene Wichems (BBO: Bushman) from Halls Head WA, Australia,
Gudmundur Marino Skulason (BBO: gummisk) from Reykjavik, Iceland,
Michel Leduc (BBO: JLM53) from Montreal QU, Canada,
Daniel Klein (BBO: drdnmnk) from Victoria BC, Canada,
K.Santhalakshmi (BBO: santhi48) from India,
John R Mayne (BBO: JRMayne) from Modesto CA, USA,
Venkat Bengaluru (BBO: benky ) from Karnataka, India,
Philip Glover (BBO: PhilipG51) from Young NSW, Australia,
Merril Jay Hirsh (BBO: mjbridge) from Washington, USA,
Thierry Granet (BBO: Tit64121) from Montardon, France,
Sardar Aamir (BBO: Kashmir_01) from Pakistan and
John Rudd (BBO: Johnrudd2) from Ashton-under-Lyne, England

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