BBO Prime bidders challenge: results and winners – April

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-04

With a record entry of 1,725 this month, congratulations to our lone winner with a score of 78/80:

Alexander Cook (BBO spade7) from Sydney NSW, Australia

Alexander has been playing competitive bridge for around 20 years. He is a versatile bidder, playing four systems with four partners – Standard American, 2-over-1, a Strong Club variant based on the original Polish Club, and Standard Modern Precision. Last year, Alexander came fourth in the Australian Bridge Magazine bidding forum and just made it into the Top 20 of the BBO annual competition despite posting only eight scores. His victory this month takes him to the top of this year’s annual competition leader-board after four months.

Also on the April ‘Roll of Honour’:

with a score 77/80:

Ian Thomas Findlay (BBO findles) from Banff AB, Canada

And, with a score 76/80:

Venkatesh Ramaratnam (BBO rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Honourable mentions also go all of to those who outscored at least one panellist, so you need a score of 65/80 or more to make this month’s leaderboard:

Milko Slavov (BBO milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria

Ajay Khare (BBO ajay_khare) from Mumbai, India
Hanoi A Rondon (BBO hanoi5) from Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Mark Chen (BBO mark_chen) from Herndon VA, USA
Francois Duffour (BBO toutmo) from Paris, France
Michael Xu (BBO michaelimp) from Palo Alto CA, USA

Raoust (BBO Caounette3) from Mérignac, France
Roger Christman (BBO 3338231) from State College PA, USA

Joshua Stark (BBO redubl1) from Grayslake IL, USA
Dann Brunebjerg (BBO b50911) from Glostrup, Denmark
Dan Gheorghiu (BBO DanG4503) from Victoria BC, Canada
David Williams (BBO dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales
Michael Dworetsky (BBO michaeldwo) from Palm Beach Gardens FL, USA
Guillaume Tujague (BBO tujon) from France
Adrian Pang (BBO MP7601) from Hong Kong, China

Steve Parker (BBO spcompro) from Littleton CO, USA
Katherine Miller (BBO Holton A) from Westmont IL, USA
Grant Sterling (BBO GCSterling) from Charleston  IL, USA
Satya Rami (BBO satyar) from Morganville PA, USA
John MacGregor (BBO johnmacg) from Halifax NS, Canada
Jukka Moilanen (BBO jukmoi) from Helsinki, Finland
Ugis Jansons (BBO ugisj) from Ikskile, Latvia

Zuohui (BBO zuohui) from Kunming, China
Simten Yavuz (BBO simtenn) from Turkey
Andrey Petrenko (BBO Zmey) from Sofia, Bulgaria
Hans Van Der Heijde (BBO 001hans) from Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Laura Lipman (BBO laural) from Bonita Springs FL, USA
Rasmus Maide (BBO dst463) from Espoo, Finland
Laughlin Campbell (BBO laughlin) from Oakville ON, Canada
Kevin Dybvig (BBO kfd) from Alabaster AL, USA
Jon Cooke (BBO mugsmate) from Cambridge, England
Qiang Zhang (BBO olddragonz) from Dublin CA, USA
Moeen Mahmood (BBO mmahmood) from London, England
Tomek Modrzejewski (BBO tommodrzej) from Poland

Barry H Scheiner (BBO bhsmss) from Rockville
Aymeric LEBATTEUX (BBO voldenuit) from Angers, France
Jan Field (BBO JBBeam) from Oakville ON, Canada
Nicholas Schneider (BBO martini4me) from Pickering
Henk van Ekelenburg (BBO papatgreek) from Deurningen, Netherlands
Tony Ward (BBO 20spades) from Kilbeggan, Ireland
Christine Caesar (BBO cccharlott) from Charlotte NC, USA
Archibald Ogden (BBO barchieo) from St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Elsa Regner (BBO elsargenta) from Chile
Daniel Klein (BBO drdnmnk) from Victoria BC, Canada
Manuel Oliveira (BBO m oliveira) from Livramento, Portugal
Luwen Koh (BBO Xreborned) from Singapore

Henry C Kingdon (BBO hkingdon) from San Rafael
Tom Doherty (BBO Tomkill) from Ireland
Sergio Melis (BBO RINGO174) from Milan, Italy
Edwin Van Dam (BBO putter11) from Portland OR, USA
John Garrison (BBO Jgarris) from Hailey ID, USA
Ken Goodridge (BBO Roboguy) from Winnipeg MB, Canada
Alex Athanasiadis (BBO alati) from Thessaloniki, Greece
Claude Candillier (BBO capri13) from Peyrolles en Provence, France
Va Ena (BBO fachiru) from Taos NM, USA
Gregory LeBlanc (BBO gnlblnc151) from Charlotte NC, USA
Jarek Langer (BBO jarek444) from Austin TX, USA
Bert Hackney (BBO toast1) from Vienna VA, USA
Peter Lakatos (BBO nyul11) from Budapest, Hungary
Patrick Shields (BBO patr1cks) from Cheltenham, England
Gianni Hsieh (BBO wakanari) from Sammamish WA, USA
Ronald W Vickery (BBO rvickery) from Oro Valley AZ, USA

Bliss Clark (BBO bwctwo) from Ft. Myers FL, USA
Nolan J. Taylor (BBO njtaylor) from Indianapolis IN, USA
Edward Felson (BBO Josephfels) from Cincinnati OH, USA
Ramona Josephson (BBO rasmatazz) from Vancouver BC, Canada 
Raymond Boylan (BBO rboylan624) from Worcester MA, USA
Sue Morgan (BBO scm56) from Kent, England
Jim Streisand (BBO strei1) from Wayland MA, USA
Rakesh Bharti (BBO rbharti) from Bonita Springs FL, USA
Nitin Shah (BBO BK112) from Glen Allen VA, USA
Vic Wood (BBO servevolle) from Victoria, B.C., Canada
Jeanne Harding (BBO Bogie9) from Medfield MA, USA
Jack Allen Gillispie (BBO jgillispie) from Ringgold GA, USA
Thomas Ottley (BBO tottley) from Alaska and Arizona
Karl Logason (BBO kallikula) from Iceland
Ole B. Hovind (BBO olebho) from Oslo, Norway
William Claude Parks (BBO golfnut999) from Phoenix AZ, USA
Enhao Du (BBO diandian23) from Newbury Park, USA
Alex Green (BBO Galexy) from Sydney NSW, Australia
Thibault Wolf (BBO thwolf) from Issy Les Moulineaux, France
Pär Ol-Mårs (BBO olmar) from Stockholm, Sweden
Suman Banerjee (BBO sumanb) from India
Tricia Owen (BBO Triciaowen) from Cape Town, South Africa
Jay-shih (BBO opop3032) from Taiwan

Michael Spencer-Talbois (BBO Tumbero) from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Iorie Holmes (BBO loriej) from USA
Rajah Thiyagarajah (BBO Suryan1) from Beaumont
Peter Kilner (BBO PHK7) from Mountain View CA, USA
Gonzalo Rubio (BBO G rubio) from Santiago, Chile
Suresh G Bilolikar (BBO cora2014) from Corpus Christi TX, USA
Babs Giesbrecht (BBO bABsG) from Qualicum Beach BC, Canada
Bruce Ballard (BBO 2milo) from Katikati, New Zealand
Svetlin Manov (BBO George_63) from Sofia, Bulgaria
Daniel R Allard (BBO drspades) from Vancouver BC, Canada 
Lodewijk hegenbarth (BBO Loheg) from Bilthoven, Netherlands
Pasquali (BBO Mau52) from Cesano, Italy
Dan O’Farrell (BBO DanOfarrel) from Wembley, England
Stefano Szenberg (BBO queenathen) from Porza, Switzerland
Josh Sinnett (BBO oshoj) from Bellingham WA, USA
Koichi Takahashi (BBO takahasir) from Japan
Scott Mason (BBO PsyScooter) from Watkinsville GA, USA
Thomas Terzian (BBO rmenian) from San Francisco CA, USA
Tobias Bern (BBO xtober) from Sweden
Stephen D Goldstein (BBO sdvdg) from Anaheim CA, USA

Gabby Kamil (BBO gab7nt) from Buckeye AZ, USA
Francelj Naglič (BBO theRazor) from Kranj, Slovenia
Ella M Reff (BBO ereff) from Muncie
Pierluigi Bitelli (BBO Bridgepic) from Rome, Italy
John Horgan (BBO Horgan123) from Bedford
Siuling Ku (BBO kofman) from San Mateo
Loraine Dalton (BBO Lolly D) from Pretoria, South Africa
Richard Mishkin (BBO Reuvein46) from Denver CO, USA
Brian Sims (BBO brianesims) from Cultus Lake BC, Canada
Luis Cordovil (BBO cordas) from Lisbon, Portugal
Edward Zaluski (BBO Edwardd269) from Ottawa ON, Canada
zxc (BBO zxc9071) from China
Pilar Baselga (BBO anilatac) from Madrid, Spain
Carl Whicher (BBO CarlHWH) from Calgary AB, Canada
Laura Mancini (BBO 801dna) from Paris, France
Clay Cuthbertson (BBO Clayc) from Quincy IL, USA
Claudia Del Zoppo (BBO cdzami) from Bradenton
Lloyd Rawley (BBO Lloyd R) from Greenbelt MD, USA
Don Fisher (BBO haulinbass) from Bowling Green KY, USA
Sandy Buckstein (BBO DenverBuck) from Denver CO, USA
Deetsy Armstrong (BBO deearm) from Seattle WA, USA
Mhana (BBO mhana) from Israel
Mario Solomon (BBO Mario_s) from Tel-Aviv, Israel
George Wang (BBO ggnaw) from El Monte CA, USA
Mani R Gupta (BBO Manig) from USA
Loukas Kokotos (BBO Loukas435) from Agrinio, Greece
Steven Landis (BBO izbomb) from Hampton Bays NY, USA
Harry L Rogge (BBO rowdy) from Boca Raton FL, USA
John Bryden (BBO TW0WAYHOOK) from Canada
Rosaleen Glasheen (BBO Remlagh) from Waterford, Ireland
Jim Ritts (BBO rtscracker) from Knoxville TN, USA

Annual competition leaders after 4 months

Last year, players made the leaderboard with an average scores of 50/80 but, with so many more entries this year, the bar has been raised. In the 2022 competition, you will need an average score of at least 55/80 to make it onto the leaderboard in the annual competition. This month 65 players have reached that level. Up your average score just a little and perhaps you will join this elite band.

The competition is certainly hotting up. This month’s winner, Alexander, the only competitor with four scores in the 70s this year, moves to the top of the leader-board. All three players who made the podium last year Luwen, Dave and Hanoi, are in the Top 10 after the first four months of this year. Francois moves up into third place after a commendable performance as a guest panellist this month. Last month’s winner, Milko, moves up into the Top 10 and he will be our guest panellist next month. There are also plenty of dark horses lurking just outside the Top 10 – Pete Law, for example, whose uncharacteristically poor score this month is surely one that he will discard towards the end of the year.

Remember that if you miss a month, that is one more poor score that you will not be able to discard, so be sure to put an entry in every month.

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